Take Your Pick:

  • Ride or Die
  • Cookie Monsta
  • Fairy Dust
  • You Want S'more?
  • CinnaMel Apple
  • Obligatory Fall Flavor
  • Bacon Maple Chip
  • Peachy Keen
  • PB Kiss
  • Cranberry Happiness
  • Sweet Potato Pie Thanksgiving Leftovers
  • Almond Joyful
  • Santa's Doughp
  • Ginger Chip
  • Candy Cane Cream
  • Cookies For Breakfast
  • Cinnamood
  • Mystery Pint
  • Cereal-ously Good
  • You Jelly?
  • Dunk On 'Em
  • Cupid's Cupcake Red Velvet
  • Feeling Lucky? (M&M)
  • Blondie
  • Beast Mode Brownie
  • Strawberry Cheesin'
  • Main Squeeze
  • Whiskey Maple Bacon
  • Dreamsicle
  • Stroop to My Level
  • Equator Cold Brew
  • The Dough From Ipanema
  • Holy Crepe!
  • Avocadough Brownie
  • Doughp Drops Sale (RoD)
  • Doughp Drops (RoD)
  • Doughp Drops (CM)
  • Doughp Drops (FD)
  • Doughp Drops (Mixed Bag)
  • Doughp Drops Sale (CM)
  • Chrissy Pie
  • Rudolph's Reindough
  • Naughty & Nice
  • Red Velvet Vixen



$12.47 $12.47
Customize your perfect box of Doughp!
  • ride-or-die icon Ride or Die
  • cookie-monsta icon Cookie Monsta
  • fairy-dust icon Fairy Dust
  • you-want-smore icon You Want S'more?
  • cinnamel-apple icon CinnaMel Apple
  • obligatory-fall-flavor icon Obligatory Fall Flavor
  • bacon-maple-chip icon Bacon Maple Chip
  • peachy-keen icon Peachy Keen
  • pb-kiss icon PB Kiss
  • cranberry-happiness icon Cranberry Happiness
  • sweet-potato-pie-thanksgiving-leftovers icon Sweet Potato Pie Thanksgiving Leftovers
  • almond-joyful icon Almond Joyful
  • santas-doughp icon Santa's Doughp
  • ginger-chip icon Ginger Chip
  • candy-cane-cream icon Candy Cane Cream
  • cookies-for-breakfast icon Cookies For Breakfast
  • cinnamood icon Cinnamood
  • mystery-pint icon Mystery Pint
  • cereal-ously-good icon Cereal-ously Good
  • you-jelly icon You Jelly?
  • dunk-on-em icon Dunk On 'Em
  • cupids-cupcake-red-velvet icon Cupid's Cupcake Red Velvet
  • feeling-lucky-m-m icon Feeling Lucky? (M&M)
  • blondie icon Blondie
  • beast-mode-brownie icon Beast Mode Brownie
  • strawberry-cheesin icon Strawberry Cheesin'
  • main-squeeze icon Main Squeeze
  • whiskey-maple-bacon icon Whiskey Maple Bacon
  • dreamsicle icon Dreamsicle
  • stroop-to-my-level icon Stroop to My Level
  • equator-cold-brew icon Equator Cold Brew
  • the-dough-from-ipanema icon The Dough From Ipanema
  • holy-crepe icon Holy Crepe!
  • avocadough-brownie icon Avocadough Brownie
  • doughp-drops-sale-rod icon Doughp Drops Sale (RoD)
  • doughp-drops-rod icon Doughp Drops (RoD)
  • doughp-drops-cm icon Doughp Drops (CM)
  • doughp-drops-fd icon Doughp Drops (FD)
  • doughp-drops-mixed-bag icon Doughp Drops (Mixed Bag)
  • doughp-drops-sale-cm icon Doughp Drops Sale (CM)
  • chrissy-pie icon Chrissy Pie
  • rudolphs-reindough icon Rudolph's Reindough
  • naughty-nice icon Naughty & Nice
  • red-velvet-vixen icon Red Velvet Vixen
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