Be sure to review the FAQ below (because it's awesome and super helpful!) Need help with an order? We gotchu! Hit up our Support Crew at support@doughp.com.


Corporate gifting and bulk orders contact gifting@doughp.com 


Media, speaking engagements, or sponsorship contact Shay Pantano at spantano@pantanomm.com  


Snail mail accepted at: Doughp, 1810 E Sahara Ave. Ste 346 Las Vegas NV 89104

About the Dough

Ride or Die: classic chocolate chip cookie dough

Cookie Monsta: blue-colored cookies + cream cookie dough

Fairy Dust: rainbow sprinkles in blonde cookie dough

You Want S’more?: chocolate s’more cookie dough

Brownie Beast: chocolate brownie & chocolate chip dough

Dunk On Em: Dunkaroo-inspired dough with frosting, rainbow sprinkles & Teddy Graham pieces

We rotate in new flavors regularly so be sure to check out our Build-Your-Own-Pack page for a full set of our currently available flavors!

For our Bestseller selection, there are two size options. You can get:

- Four (4) of our 8oz cups.

- Four (4) of our 16oz pints. You heard us right, that's 4 POUNDS of cookie dough!!

You can also Build Your Own Pack with a customizable set of 8oz pints!

Check out our blog on baking tips from Doughp! The good news about Doughp is you literally can’t mess this up! We don’t want perfection - we just want it to taste good.

1. Get an ungreased baking sheet and plop down round-ish balls of refrigerated Doughp cookie dough however big you want! (Pssst.. 1-2 TBSP is a good place to start, but no one is stopping you from using 1/4 cup of Doughp and making a massive cookie that’ll be all gooey in the middle and melty and awesome and...OMG I’m drooling...sorry, back to the recipe!)

2. Baking time will vary by oven but Doughp is safe to eat raw or baked - so anywhere in between is all good! We recommend going with 350 degrees and keeping your eyes on the cookies after about 5 minutes. Some ovens run HOT.

  a. 4-5 minutes = you want warmed dough

  b. 7-8 minutes = you want a cookie dough center with some rigid edges

  c. 9-10 minutes = sweet spot for cookie action.

  d. 12+ minutes = Caution zone! Up to you how toasty you’d like it but don’t burn the house down!

3. If you want a sturdy cookie, let cool completely before removing from the tray! If you want warm doughy goo, scrape into your bowl (preferably on top of a scoop of ice cream!) and enjoy!


4. If you want a half baked cookie, zap it in the microwave for 10-15 seconds!

Also important to remember that every flavor from Doughp will bake differently! Have a flavor with oats? It'll be sturdier! Have a flavor with frosting inside? It'll be a bit greasier and spread wider.

No matter HOW it looks, I promise it's worth eating! Some of the gooey, greasy, flatter cookies are great as cookie crumbles on an ice cream sundae!

Not all of it! Our Bestseller flavors contain gluten & dairy, but check out our Build Your Own Pack page for a rotating vegan and gluten free flavor!

NOTE: All dough is processed on shared equipment and our flavors made without gluten are NOT certified Gluten-Free, but rather are made using alternative ingredients to avoid gluten.

While some of our flavors are nut free, not all of them are. Additionally, we do our best to minimize cross-contamination risks but our dough is produced in a facility that processes nuts. Please visit our Build Your Own Pack page to see more details about specific flavors!

We do our best to reduce cross contamination risk, but it is not a 100% nut-free facility. Please visit our Build Your Own Pack page and look out for the nut icon, displaying that product DOES contain nuts!

Our desserts are not certified kosher, but they may comply with kosher traditions. Check our ingredient list of your specific flavors to verify. Full ingredient list can be found here.  

Orders & Shipping

Shipping cost is completely dependent on how much you spend. The more you buy the more you save! 

Carts under $20 will receive $13.95 shipping

Carts between $20 and $50 will receive $4.95 shipping

Carts above $50 receive FREE shipping

All orders ship out Monday-Wednesday with a cutoff time for same-day shipping at 12pm PST.  If you order on Thursday, for example, your order will be shipped out Monday.

Some swag will ship separately from your cookie dough and may incur a separate shipping cost.

No matter where your order is headed, get ready to dig in...FAST!

We use insulation & ice packs to ensure it stays slightly chilled for the journey, even if it's room temperature upon arrival.

You are all good to chow down on your newly delivered box as we just use the ice packs to ensure it stays slightly chilled for the journey, even if room temp upon arrival. Just pop in the fridge and enjoy at your leisure!


Doughp is an edible, bakeable, and ridiculously tasty cookie dough company - but we're on a mission to serve raw dough and real conversation. We ship our cookie dough to households nationwide and give back through our #Doughp4Hope initiative, which works to break the stigma around mental health & addiction recovery.

We donate a portion of every purchase to nonprofits in this space and live out mental health policies inside the company and with the community.

Our founder Kelsey got sober in 2015 and rediscovered her passions for baking - launching Doughp! For baking and.. sometimes not baking the dough. She quickly realized that her journey to sobriety wasn’t unique to her and there were so many looking to have a broader, louder conversation about mental health and addiction recovery. So she formed #Doughp4Hope. A way for this company to have a positive impact in the world and little by little make it less scary to talk about the tough things in life. A reminder that SO many of us have traveled the same paths - we’re more powerful when we’re together and support one another in this thing called LIFE. At Doughp, we serve raw dough & real conversation to feed the soul.

We hope you have a Doughp day! And remember that every purchase from Doughp is helping to fuel this vision. Life is raw — cookie dough helps.

In 2018, Kelsey began the #Doughp4Hope initiative and donated the proceeds from sales to a variety of mental health focused non-profits.

In 2020, we began to donate a portion of every sale to Community Counseling Centers of Southern Nevada and thanks to your support, we donated $20,000 to their non-profit organization providing affordable mental healthcare and substance abuse treatment for those in need. 

In 2021, we’re excited to announce our new #Doughp4Hope partner, SHE RECOVERS® Foundation. A non-profit working towards a world where all women in or seeking recovery are celebrated, supported, and deemed essential to healthy communities. They are accomplishing this by inspiring hope, reducing stigma and empowering women to increase their recovery capital, heal themselves, and help other women to do the same.

Here’s a quick word from their founding mother & daughter, Taryn & Dawn and Executive Director, Susan.

It is an absolute honor to be chosen by Kelsey and the team at Doughp as their #doughp4hope charitable organization. Kelsey’s story of recovery is proof that not only is living sober possible - but can turn our wildest dreams into a "doughp" reality.

The contributions made through the sale of Doughp products, will provide critically needed funds to fuel our efforts of shattering the barriers that keep women from seeking help when struggling with addiction and mental health issues. Together we can inspire more women to recover both their lives and their dreams.

With gratitude and love,

Susan, Dawn, & Taryn

Customizing & Gifting

You can create your perfect cookie dough 4-pack of 8oz cups with our Build Your Own Pack option!  Visit the page, select four cups, and add the pack to your cart.  All discounts and final price will be displayed in your cart.  Go ahead and customize away!

What a Doughp gift!  There's no pricing printed out on the packing slip in the box, and your gift note will be printed on that same packing slip. 

When you add an item to your cart, you’ll see an "Add A Note" option. Expand that box and enter your note for it to be printed on the packing slip inside the box!

Give the gift of nostalgia with our Corporate Gifting option!  You’ll be able to choose between our Bestseller Variety Pack in Four 16oz Pints or Four 8oz Cups.  While each box will come with your gift note on the packing slip, you can include a customized notecard with your company logo for only $2 per box.

We also offer bulk discount codes if you'd like to send clients a dollar-denomination of "gift card" codes. Contact us directly at gifting@doughp.com!

Absolutely!  Gift cards are delivered by email and contain instructions to redeem them at checkout. Our gift cards have no additional processing fees.  Visit here to order one.

We'd love to learn about your catering needs! Please visit https://www.doughp.com/collections/wholesale and click "Apply here" to get started. Once we've got your information on hand, we can get you hooked up with some awesome cookie dough!

Any more questions? Please email gifting@doughp.com

Rewards Program

The Spoonlicker’s Club is our rewards program!  As a Spoonlicker, you’ll earn exclusive rewards every time you dig in with Doughp! Every time you order dough, you earn points!

ALL points will expire after 12 months of inactivity. Inactivity refers to customers who have not earned or redeemed any points.

We got you! Follow this link and sign up there!

No, but you can share your unique referral code to give friends $5 off their first purchase. If they use your code, you’ll receive commission on the order!

If you want to be part of our official affiliate program, you can apply here to help us spread good vibes and cookie dough!

There are lots of ways to earn points like following us on social media and referring a friend, but the main way is by making a purchase! For every $1 you spend with Doughp, you earn 1 point that counts towards dollars off your future purchases. 100 points = $10 off. 

Points can not be made/used on Wholesale orders.

To see other ways to earn rewards, head to our Rewards page.

Every 100 points is equivalent to $10 you can spend on future purchases (200 points is $20, and so on and so forth)!

Sign in to your account, and your point balance will populate on both the Rewards page and your Account page.

We have given retroactive points to anyone who has made a purchase since April 1, 2020! Sign up with the same email you’ve used to purchase Doughp in the past to see how many points you’ve accrued.

Having issues or don’t see your points for your past purchases? Contact us!

When you checkout, make sure you are logged into your account.  If your cart takes you straight to the final confirmation page via ShopPay or another payment method, you'll have to take one step back by clicking on “Continue as Guest.”  Once this page loads, you should see our awesome Cookie Slider under your Order Summary.  Drag the cookie to choose how many points you'd like to use towards your order, then click “Apply.”  Now you are set to finish the checkout process!

To apply points, be sure your cart has reached the order minimum. 100 points redeemed for $10 off orders of $30+, 200 points redeemed for $20 off orders of $40+, etc.

Below is the breakdown of each tier; overall, the more you spend, the more benefits you get!

Spoonlicker (Create an Account)

- 1x Point multiplier

- Birthday Bonus: 100 points

Doughp Enthusiast (Spend: $200)

-1.25x Point multiplier

-Birthday Bonus: 200 points

-50% off shipping

Ride or Die (Spend: $400)

-1.5x Point multiplier

-Birthday Bonus: 300 points

-50% off shipping

-Early access to seasonal flavors

-Eligible to Help Create the Next Doughp Flavor

Two things to check on when redeeming points!

1) Our points have an order minimum, $40 minimum order for 200 point redemption, $50 for 300 points, and so on.
2) Points cannot be combined with other discounts, including automatic discounts like our Two Cup Upgrade which is a sale item being discounted in your cart - remove that item and you’ll be able to use your points!

Rewards can also not be used or earned on Wholesale orders.


The short answer: yes!  We sell Doughp pre-packed by the case.  Our pre-packed containers are available in 8oz and 16oz containers and come with a tamper-proof seal and best-by date.

Wholesale orders have their shipping calculated at checkout and are subject to change based upon freight companies' availability and price fluctuations, including fuel surcharge.

Apply here to get started!  Once approved (we’ll need your resale certificate for this), you’ll be able to login or use your email to create an account.

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