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A Hit I My Household

The mystery favors were diverse and delicious.
The kids did not like a coffee favored one, but I did, So it was a win.

A snack the entire family can love! We have had a lot of parents who have kept the Cold Brew Crew for themselves haha

Cookie Monsta
Shaylah Yliniemi
Soo good.

It was sooo good just very pricey.

Thank you for the feedback! Remember 1% of all purchases goes towards the She Recovers foundation to help women in recovery!

Cookie Monsta
Lance Beck

It was great definitely buy again quick to ship

Thank you for the review and welcome to the club fellow spoonlicker!

chayse Haggins


10/10, Thank you for the review!

Mystery Cup
Jennifer Truesdell
Mystery flavor

The mystery flavor (candybar madness or something like that) and my other flavors were delectable! I did manage to save enough of the brownie flave for 4 cookies, which turned out baller!

That's our constant struggle...saving some dough to make cookies!! Can't wait to see what Doughp flavor you get next!!

Alana McLeod
The best cookie dough

I absolutely love this cookie dough. It’s not too sweet but sweet enough. It’s addictingly good and it was gone all to soon.

Sounds like we need to get you some more dough STAT!! Take a look at our subscriptions and we'll make sure you get your Doughp fix every month!


I am beyond impressed by all of the flavors I've tried! I also love the mission and story behind this company. As someone who has battled mental illness/suicidal ideation and loved many people in the same boat, as well as struggling with addiction, I have also dedicated my life to advocating for those who cannot advocate for themselves. Mental illness and addiction are treat by most at arm's length and the reason I am so passionate about sharing my story is that my philosophy is "the only way for people to start talking about it is for people to start talking about it." I am blown away by the dedication and vulnerability you have to spread awareness, as well as delicious snacks! People like you are truly saving the world and I am incredibly grateful to you. I will continue to pay it forward in your honor!

Emmy, thank you so much for sharing part of your story with us. You are one of the many reasons we support organizations like She Recovers. We 100% agree with your philosophy. Let's continue to talk and help stomp out the stigma around mental health and addiction recovery! Thank you for being such a Doughp human!!

Cookie Monsta
Timothy Crawford
Monster taste

The cookie dough shipping is kinda pricey, however the product is amazing.

Thank you for the review and feedback! We are constantly working on getting the best price for our customers as well as doing what is best for our company. So glad you enjoyed your delicious dough!!!

Peanut Butter Kiss

It was so compact and dry! Not fluffly like the photos. Size for the price is not worth it. I will not be ordering again!

Thank you for the honest feedback! Our dough looks a little different upon arrival due to it being frozen prior to shipping to ensure it stays slightly chilled for it's journey to you. We'd love to make things right with you, one of our team members will be reaching out to you shortly!

You Jelly?
Mr. Williams
Love it!

I'm not a peanut butter cookie person, but I love peanut butter. This doughp is just like a sandwich, not a peanut butter cookie with jelly. I love the doughp, not sure how the cookies tastes though, the dough didn't make it that far.

Glad to hear our dough went above your expectations!! Be sure to order extra next time to try at least one cookie haha

Yum Yum YUM

I've tried a few brands of edible cookie dough over the years and was so pleased to finally find one that actually tastes like the dough you can't stop eating when you bake cookies! Ride or Die is my favorite and I'm obsessed. I already have a subscription and order more on top of that! I recommend this to ANY one who likes to lick the beaters/spoons!

Thank you for this Doughp review!! We are thrilled to have spoonlickers like you. Not only do you get to indulge in delicious dough, you are also helping stomp out the stigma around mental health and addiction recovery!

Amazing treat to send to college kids

I sent a few dough flavors to my daughter at college. I was a HUGE hit with her house mates!

And the award for Doughpest mom goes to...YOU!! Happy to hear they loved our dough.

It’s was great.

Shared it with my friends, and they loved it. Would definitely order again.

They do say sharing is caring! Thank you for the review, can't wait to hear about your next order!!

Extremely Happy Customer

Not only is this Gift Box great, but customer service went ABOVE and BEYOND in ensuring this gift arrived prior to my wife's sober birthday! 10/10!!

Thank you for the feedback! We strive to make our Doughp families wishes come true!!

You Jelly?

Very good!

Thank you for your feedback!!


Absolutely love every recipe

Whoop Whoop!!

Erin Cekosh
Can't go wrong with this!

Nothing wrong with plain Jane dough! All time favorite!

You've got that right!!

Very tasty

By far my two favorites. I mostly just eat it raw, but will heat them when I notice I haven't been going through them as fast. Works out well for me!

Have you tried half-baked? Best of both worlds. Just pop that cup in the microwave for about 10 seconds!!

Brownie Beast
Robin Phifer
I love Brownie Beast!

I'm a chocoholic and this is the flavor for me! So yummy!

Glad to hear you enjoyed it!! Our chocoholic collection would be perfect for you!

Ride or Die
Facebook-Redacted Last Name

Nothing beats this classic!! Enjoy!

Chocolate chip cookie dough is definitely the OG of cookie dough for sure!

Cookie Monsta
Dr. Devin N. Bailey
First Timer

Amazing product and even more honorable of a cause! We loved it! I got this flavor as a small, special blue treat for the kids.

The kids are suckers for the blue dough!!!

Dunk On 'Em
Dr. Devin N. Bailey
First Timer

Amazing product and even more honorable of a cause! We loved it! This was my favorite of the 3 that I tried, and the other two were amazing!

Thank you for your feedback and for supporting our mission! Welcome to the Doughp family!!

Cookie Monsta
Amy Viskozki

I made the cookies and they turned out flat as a pancake

Thanks for the review! Note: Our cookies will bake a bit flatter than “traditional” cookies since two rising elements (eggs and raw flour) are already removed! Also, every flavor will bake slightly differently! Have a flavor with oats? It'll be sturdier! Have a flavor with frosting inside? It'll be a bit greasier and spread wider.

No matter HOW it looks, I promise it's worth eating! Some of the gooey, greasy, flatter cookies are great as cookie crumbles on an ice cream sundae!

Fairy Dust
Nancy Lovallo
The Best!

In my opinion Fairy Dust was the best out of all the flavors.
I wish I only bought this one.

Happy to hear you enjoyed your dough! Good news is you can build your own subscription and get a monthly supply of Fairy Dust!!

To die for!

My favorite. Anything chocolate/peanut butter is great but when it is cookie dough...perfection!

I couldn’t agree with you more, it's one of my new favorites too!! So glad to hear you enjoyed it! - Jessica from Doughp