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Was gone before I could taste it so kudos to the chef!

My favorite of the bunch.



A Salacious Treat Just for Me

What to say about Red Velvet Vixen....they were absolutely sinful! Both in dough form, and baked cookie form. This one I absolutely refused to share. They were my naughty little treat while reading Reddits!

My favorite!

This cookie dough is soo addicting and i say worth the price! I love supporting small businesses that are growing, i will definitely be telling everyone about this company!

The Nutorious
Pam Badertscher
The Nutorious

Savored every bite! What can I say? My mouth is too full!

Cookie Dough Drops: Fairy Dust

So good you have to fight for it!

I love Peanut Butter Kiss in both dough and cookie form. peanut butter addicted son loves it, too! Do you know how hard it is to fight a 25 year old to keep your Doughp? I won this last round, but he's eyeing my Shop app to see when my next order is. The war is not over...

very happy with purchase

I like eating dough raw and this didn't disappoint! Would ideally like to see bigger sizes but felt the bags had enough. I tried cooking one batch and they didn't turn out which is fine because I'd rather eat the dough than cook them...

PB Pretzel Crunch
Marques Williams
Excellent on it’s own…

…and EXCELLENT when mixed with Nutorious and heated up for a minute. If the pretzel could retain more crunch I would contend for best DoughP ever!!


These are wonderful and tasty and a fun fix. The only problem is I can't stop eating them and suddenly they are all gone and I need to buy more.

Always a treat!

Quick snack, yes! Impromptu baking with my girls, yes! All of it? Yes!

Sweet heavens!!

An amazing treat for the whole family! We loved them raw and baked! Absolutely fabulous! #onedayatatime

Gimme Mocha
Debbie Ernst
Another brilliant star

Chocolaty, fudgy, and soo yummy! Two of my children that don't like cookie dough will happily eat this one both ways! Thank you for making this one too.
Thank you for making all of your cookie doughs.

The Nutorious
Debbie Ernst

It's fudgy, delicious, chocolaty. My child that doesn't like cookie dough enjoys it in both forms. Thank you for creating this one.

Cookie Monsta
Katey Beck
Just received 3 days ago

Just received 3 days ago . I emailed you about how long it was taking.

This one was my favorite, and honestly I was not expecting it to be. The cinnamon spice melded very well with the white chocolate chips, and neither were overpowering which led to a delightful spoonful.

I thoroughly enjoyed this one. The ratio of cookie crumble to dough was very well balanced.

It’s a Home Run!

I’m officially obsessed! My ‘go tos’ are Blondie and Ride or Die but it’s only a matter of time before I venture out to try new flavors. I can tell lots of love went into creating these recipes and their dedication to supporting mental health and addiction recovery is beyond inspiring. Bravo!

Ride or Die
Leah Marsh

The texture was amazing but it was a little bland.

Ride or Die
Ride or die

I loved the taste and texture of this cookie dough both raw and cooked. I just wished it came with more chocolate chips, but that’s an easy fix since you can always add your own.

Gimme Mocha
Kristin Radcliffe
Perfect blend of coffee and chocolate- for me

I love this one. Full of flavor and a spoonful gives a good boost in the middle of the afternoon.

Cute for sober chips to go with chocolate chips!!

Fairy Dust

Delicious and simple!!

Dunk On 'Em
Jaime Blanco III
Great taste

If you like cookie dough, this company is for you