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Mocha Cookie Dough


Calling all Mocha lovers! Get your hands (or spoon) on this delicious coffee-infused chocolate cookie dough. The rich brownie-like texture, combined with espresso grinds and chocolate chunks, creates an irresistible cookie dough flavor that's here for a limited time! Grab a spoon and dig in...

Each 8oz Cup = Approx. 15 Cookies / 27 Spoonfuls

Behind The Dough

Here's the scoop from Doughp's founder on how this flavor came to be: "After the long standing success of our fan-favorite Cold Brew Crew, I knew it was time for a twist on this coffee classic. Turns out adding chocolate to the mix was the perfect answer! This mocha flavor is the perfect balance of coffee and chocolate. You're going to LOVE it."



Shipping Info

We use insulation and ice packs to ensure your dough stays slightly chilled for the journey. So even if room temp upon arrival, just pop in the fridge and enjoy at your leisure! 🍪

Aside from federal holidays, we ship out on Tuesdays with a cutoff time of 12pm Pacific using your selected shipping method. An exception are orders that selected 1-day transit speed, which will go out Monday through Thursday until 12pm Pacific Time on Thursday.

PS: if anything goes wrong on its journey to you, we have a 30-Day 100% happiness guarantee. Either you're super freaking happy, or we keep working at it until you are!

Gimme Mocha
Gimme Mocha 8oz Cup

Try it with...

Cookie dough that goes both ways.

With no raw eggs and heat-treated flour, this is cookie dough you can eat raw or bake!

Real ingredients, real delicious.

No added preservatives and you can still stash it for up to 45 days in fridge or 1 year frozen.

Women-owned, Mission-led.

A portion of each purchase is donated to support mental health & addiction recovery through #Doughp4Hope.


What?! You can safely eat it raw or bake it?

For real! Doughp's cookie dough is 100% safe to consume raw. There are no eggs and we use commercially heat-treated flour. Best of all, because of our flaxseed egg-substitute, you can still bake this dough into warm gooey cookies! Win-win! 🤘

Does it REALLY taste like cookie dough?

Doughp IS real cookie dough. We're as legit as it gets. It all started with Kelsey's favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe, just inadvertently made safe-to-eat!

Our founder, Kelsey, created this recipe while *attempting* to be vegan, but she loved butter way too much! She kept the great egg-substitute in her baking, but used butter - which had her classic cookie recipes turning into a delicious, indulgent treat she could enjoy raw or bake into cookies. Doughp is for the cookie dough lover! It's melt-in-your-mouth, buttery, mollassey, awesome qualities of cookie dough. Not overly sweet. Just a perfect bite of happiness!

We haven't changed the recipe one time in all 5 years... It's that good! Ready to get your hands on some?!

How in the heck do you ship me cold cookie dough?

We use insulation and ice packs to ensure your dough stays slightly chilled for the journey. So even if room temp upon arrival, just pop in the fridge and enjoy at your leisure! 🍪

Plus, if anything goes south on its journey to you, we have a 100% happiness guarantee. You're super freaking happy, or we keep working at it until you are!

What does Doughp do for mental health & addiction recovery?

Given the founder's personal journey into sobriety, Doughp is committed to breaking the stigma around mental health and addiction recovery through our #Doughp4Hope initiative. Sounds nice, right? But here's what we're DOING:

1. Elevating the conversation: For our community, we bring honest, unfiltered conversation and lift up real stories from our fans & the broader recovery community. Join us for a dose of hope over on Instagram!

2. Walking the walk at Doughp: We're a designated Recovery Friendly Workplace with a robust mental health policy for our staff to bring their full selves to work. We keep it real every week, talking about what's really going on - beyond the job.

3. Donate 1% of all sales: Donated to SHE RECOVERS Foundation, supporting women who are in or seeking recovery.

And so much more... we hope you'll join the conversation with us. We're here to welcome you into the Doughp family!

Am I totally awesome?

Yes, yes you are.

Life-changing cookie dough? Yup.

“Life changing! This is something you absolutely need to indulge in. Our entire family is obsessed.”

Ana S.

"It’s just so Doughp! I didn’t know what to expect, but I am so addicted now. Every flavor was delicious and I honestly can’t wait to try even more!"

Andrew J

"Great product. Absolutely loved Doughp. Tasted great, came quickly and I love a good cause. Was happy I chose the four pack so that I could try a few flavors. Absolutely recommend. What a treat."

Emely W.

"It’s even better than they say!! I absolutely love this awesome treat and it comes packaged very nicely! Now, I’ll be honest…. I haven’t actually baked these into cookies yet because I can’t seem to not eat it first."

Jamie O.

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Shark Tank!

Recognize us? We've made a splash on Shark Tank in 2019 and 2022. Join the 500,000+ customers who've dug into Doughp!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5676 reviews
Tara Higgins
Sweet and tasty

Very sweet, delicious, exactly what you'd expect from this flavor.

Nick Bacci
Da bomb 💣

I tried corn bread hustle on special and the fav cookie monsta. Both so good. Especially loved cornbread hustle. Downright delicious 🤤 dough man love it. I couldn’t help myself. I ate it all raw this time. I’m gonna get some more soon and hopefully bake some. 😂☺️

Alison Redford
Santa's Doughp

We love this! I wasn't sure what to expect, and am pleased that the mint is the exact balance to not override the delicious chocolate chip cooky. Doughp. (I split it up, baked some, ate some.) It's a wonderful flavor; I'm looking even more forward to the winter holidays to get more!

Sooo good!!

Please keep this in regular rotation, we loved it!!

Lynn Bradley
Cornbread Hustle! More like Sweet Cake Hustle!

The homage to Cheri Garcia's Cornbread Hustle has that sweet cornbread taste with white chocolate. Ridiculous!