Recovery Month is DOUGHP

During Recovery Month this September, we’re focusing on spreading love and offering help. Recovery gets easier with raw conversations, community building, and resources. So we want to offer all three, all month long.

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IG Live with Lindsay from FitPros

Date TBD

We’re gonna be kicking it with Lindsay (Bailey) Johnson, the founder and CEO of FitPros. We’ll chat about what it’s like to be a sober entrepreneur, how our recovery journey has impacted us as founders (and our burnout levels), and how we found our why — you know, all the important stuff.

IG Live Takeover with Quentin Vennie of Equitea

Date TBD

We’re so pumped to host Quentin, who’s a serious superhero and freakin’ awesome advocate for the recovery space! We can’t wait to see what he brews up. If The Equitea Company is any indication, it’s gonna be GREAT.

IG Live with Kody Green @schizophrenicHippi

Date TBD

Since Kody is another September sober birthday celebrator (9/25!), we just had to get him on deck this month! An incredible mental health and recovery advocate, we’re really looking forward to having Kody host a two-way interview on our IG Live.

IG Livestream from the 2022 Recovery Gala

Saturday, 9/17, Time TBD

It’s time for THE recovery event of the year. The Dry Society Social Club is hosting their annual gala and guess who’s keynote speaking? Drumroll, please… It’s Kelsey! Tune in for the livestream straight from the event.