It’s Alcohol Awareness Month

It’s Alcohol Awareness Month

April is Alcohol Awareness Month. Given our founder’s journey into sobriety and commitment to raising awareness on this topic, this is a big month for us!

This spring gives us the perfect time to embrace new beginnings. And you might enjoy your life more if that included a new, healthier relationship with alcohol. 

Alcohol Awareness Month is just what it sounds like: a chance to increase your awareness about your alcohol intake. Instead of automatically ordering that drink at happy hour, maybe you pause and see if you really want it (or if your money would be better spent on a tasty app). Or maybe instead of finishing the bottle of wine because there’s only a glass left, you save it for later — or even dump it. Your future self might thank you. 

Alcohol Awareness Month has a rich history

While trends like Dry January and alcohol-free spirits might be fairly new, Alcohol Awareness Month isn’t. The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) founded it all the way back in 1987. 

Initially, this month focused on college-aged adults. It acknowledged that right after we hit the legal drinking age, there’s a tendency to overdo it. With Alcohol Awareness Month, people in their early 20s get a potentially much-needed reminder that while heavy drinking might be normalized by their peers, it takes a toll

In the three and a half decades since the first Alcohol Awareness Month, this celebration has grown. Now, it acknowledges that alcohol can be a problem no matter your age. And even if you’re not struggling with alcoholism, it’s a good opportunity to get a little more aware of your drinking — and how you’d feel if you cut back or stopped. 

Getting aware about your alcohol intake

We’re not saying you need to change your drinking habits. This month is all about checking in. After all, awareness is the key first step in creating a healthy relationship with alcohol.

Do you drink intentionally or because people around you are? Do you really enjoy that drink, or would your palate be happier if you opted for something else? How much of your money is going to alcohol? How much of your time?

Keep your eyes peeled this month. If you notice that alcohol doesn’t seem to have an overly positive effect on your life, it might be time to do some digging and explore making some changes. 

If you’re curious about drinking less or stopping drinking, we have a bunch of resources to help you out:

We’ll definitely be joining you in celebrating Alcohol Awareness Month this April! And if you’re looking for a booze-free way to treat yourself, you know we’ve got you covered with Doughp

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