Buy Doughp, Give Hope

Buy Doughp, Give Hope

If you’ve done any research into us, you probably know about our #Doughp4Hope mission. But just in case you haven’t heard about it — or you just want more deets — here we are. Let’s talk about how you can Buy Doughp, Give Hope. 

Here at Doughp, we want to make life sweeter. And that means going beyond our delicious dough. We also want to bust stigmas about mental illness and addiction. That’s what #Doughp4Hope is all about. It’s a pretty big (read: massively gigantic) mission, so we tackle it in two ways:

We give back to SHE RECOVERS Foundation

Doughp was born in 2017, two years after our founder, Kelsey, started her sobriety journey. When she started Doughp, she knew she wanted to make a difference. And so, from the get-go, we’ve put our money where our dough is. Specifically, we donate a portion of every single sale we make.

That money goes to the SHE RECOVERS® Foundation. Their goals align with ours: to reduce stigma, empower women, and inspire hope. It’s an incredible community and a fantastic resource for women on their recovery journey. We’re so proud to play even a small part in the work they do. 

To make sure that part isn’t too small, we have a minimum guaranteed donation of $30,000 a year. 

Plus, right now, we’re running a fundraiser at Costco. If you buy a 2lb bag of Doughp Cookie Dough Drops and email your receipt to SHE RECOVERS, we’ll give them $5 for your purchase!

Long story short, any time you buy Doughp, you help us give some hope to the world. Kudos to you, spoonlicker! 

We talk the talk to help us all walk the walk

We also want to help smash up the myths that are still so prevalent today about mental health. So we dedicate a portion of our blog to that exact goal. 

There, we celebrate Mental Health Mondays with topics (like this one) that help people realize they’re not alone. And we always try to keep mental wellness top of mind in all of our blogs. So if you're looking for a way to dig deeper into the topic of anxiety, you need to develop a mental health policy at your company, or you just want a mood boost, we’re working to keep you covered. 

Want to join us on our mission? It’s easy. Any time you buy Doughp, we make an automatic donation to the SHE RECOVERS Foundation. Buy Doughp, Give Hope. It’s really that simple! 

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