Celebrating 8 Years Sober During National Recovery Month!

Celebrating 8 Years Sober During National Recovery Month!

Wow, it’s a BIG DAY!!!! Eight years ago today, our fearless founder Kelsey took her last drink. Fast forward 2,920 days. Her recovery journey has our amazing team rocking it over here at Doughp, slinging delicious cookie dough and helping to crush mental health and addiction stigmas along the way. Pretty freakin’ awesome.

And as if we weren’t hyped enough, Kelsey’s sober birthday falls smack in the middle of National Recovery Month. That’s gotta be some kind of sign, right? 

To kick off the festivities, we wanted to share some words straight from Kelsey on the occasion.

Thoughts from Kelsey

"Recently I said to my husband, Iz, 'Building this baby is hands-down the best thing I’ve ever done.' And, without pausing, he replied, 'No, getting sober is the best thing you’ve ever done — without that, we wouldn’t have this baby or each other.'

That’s it.

That’s the best way I can possibly share the magnitude of a decision to get sober:

  • 8 years since I had my last drink.
  • 8 years since I apologized for things I barely remembered doing/saying.
  • 8 years since I started over and found out who I was.

On September 14, 2015, I decided to break the cycle. It was the best decision of my whole life and it led to meeting and marrying the most incredible life partner, Iz, and being able to start this business and inspire so many others along the same path. Without getting sober, Doughp wouldn't exist... and I'm really grateful to have you part of the Doughp family.

And now, shortly after this 8th sober birthday, we’ll be welcoming our first child into the world. I get to be Olivia’s momma. Present. Sober. Full of life. And ready to love the heck out of her!

Thank you to Kelsey from 8 years ago. It was REALLY hard (still can be tough some days!), but you were so strong and you made the right choice and I’m so, so grateful for it."

Celebrating your own recovery

Maybe we’re not even close to your sober birthday, or maybe you’re only a few days into your recovery journey. It doesn’t matter. It’s National Recovery Month, friends! And that means it’s time to celebrate.

Sticking with this change you’re making gets a whole lot easier when you soak up all the good in it. So lean in. What do you love about being sober? What do you have time and money for now? How does your body feel better? How about your mind?

Celebrate those wins today, and all month long! Treat yourself, too. You truly deserve it. 

Celebrating someone else’s sobriety

Looking for ways to be an ally to someone in your life on their own recovery journey? We’ve got ideas!

  • Send them a text saying Happy National Recovery Month! 
  • Ask for their sober birthday and on it, send them something like our sober birthday gift box
  • Opt to hang out with them at a coffee shop rather than a bar
  • Learn about recovery (the recovery education series at SHE RECOVERS is a great resource)
  • Ask if they’re open to talking about their recovery journey with you — you’ll probably learn a lot about how to support them from what they share
  • Serve plenty of alcohol-free options whenever you host

And you can always ask the person in your life how you can be a better ally for them. Even you asking that question will probably mean a lot to them. 

Happy National Recovery Month, everybody! We’ll be over here digging into some Doughp to celebrate Kelsey’s EIGHTH(!!!!) sober birthday! 

Getting hungry?