How’s Your Gratitude Journal Going?

How’s Your Gratitude Journal Going?

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About six weeks ago, we published a blog about keeping a gratitude journal. Since some time has passed, we thought it would be a good time to check in.

How’s that going? Have you been sticking with it? On the days you journal, have you noticed anything different about how you feel or how you see the world?

If you’ve been good about journaling, kudos! Pretty impressive that you were able to get this habit established right away.

But if you started a journal and promptly forgot about it, we feel you. That’s life, honestly. But to reap the benefits of gratitude — like more happiness and better health — you’ve got to stick with it. 

We get it: it’s pretty easy to say you want to start a gratitude journal. It’s a whole lot harder to actually keep with it.  So here are three specific tips to help you get in a routine:

#1: Set measurable goals

“Start a gratitude journal” isn’t necessarily measurable. But “journal for 10 minutes every day in September” is. 

Make a goal you can actually track, then make a tracking system. That could be a calendar you put a checkmark on each day you hit your goal, for example. This isn’t supposed to make you feel bad for the days you miss. But it does create a little accountability to help you build this habit of gratitude. 

#2: Set a schedule

For something to stick, it can be helpful to set aside time for it each day. If you know you write in your journal every morning when you wake up, at lunch each day, or before you go to bed, it can become a part of your daily routine. That makes it easier to remember. And it means you won’t have to try to squeeze it in somewhere because you saw the journal out of the corner of your eye at a random time. 

#3: Set yourself up for success

It’s easier to stick with a habit if you actually look forward to it. Say you wanted to make a habit of watching your favorite TV show every day. Pretty simple, right?

So, to get yourself in the groove of gratitude journaling, treat yourself when you do it. That might mean making a cup of your favorite tea to savor while you journal or sitting in an ultra-comfy spot each time.

Or you might treat yourself to a few Doughp Drops every time you journal. Now THAT’s a reason to grab your pen, right? And ICYMI, we’re in the freezer section of more and more grocery stores to make getting your cookie dough fix easier! 

Getting hungry?