highs and lows

Why Our Team Shares Our Highs & Lows

Happy Mental Health Monday, friends! 

In honor of the weekly celebration, we wanted to share a little tradition we have here at Doughp. Each Monday, our team does a check-in on Slack. And we do this through our Highs and Lows.

This basically means we look back on the last week and recap. We talk about the best part of the week (our High) and the worst (our Low). 

This isn’t just a test to make sure our Slack channel is working. It’s got some real benefits that we want to share. 

Gratitude goes a long way

Let’s talk about the High first. We love this tradition because it gives us a chance for gratitude.

Life is moving faster and faster all the time (or is that just us?). When things are chaotic, it’s easy to stay looking ahead. But that means you might miss those sweet moments, like a fun dinner with family or a win at work. 

By sharing a weekly High, we give ourselves the chance to drop a pin in the good stuff. Basically, it’s a mini exercise in gratitude. And if you missed our gratitude journal blog last month, we’ll do a quick recap. Gratitude makes us happier and more mentally healthy. 

With a weekly High, we get a chance to shout out the best parts of our lives. And that’s something worth celebrating! 

Getting real to keep it real

Some companies would have stopped at Highs. Some friend groups do, too. We’re living in a pretty image-focused world and it’s easy to want to present our best selves all the time.

But let’s be honest. It’s crazy out there and we’re all dealing with our own stuff. So to help us feel less alone (and to see if we can lend a hand when one’s needed), we share our Lows. 

It could be a sickness or a stressor. A lot of the time, it’s a mental health challenge. Now that we’re all in the habit of being open, it’s getting easier and easier to be vulnerable and share our sh*t. And we’ll tell you what, when we share the load, it gets a lot easier to carry.

Highs and Lows is a pretty simple mental health practice that’s been pretty awesome for our Doughp team. We thought you might want to try it for yourself. Maybe start a weekly Highs and Lows text thread with some friends or implement it on your team at work. 

Heck, maybe you want to gather your crew and share your Highs and Lows over a pint of Doughp. That sounds pretty sweet, right?

Getting hungry?