How to Celebrate World Kindness Day

How to Celebrate World Kindness Day

Every year, just as the holiday hecticness picks up, we all get an important reminder. Every November 13 marks World Kindness Day. 

In the middle of what tends to be a busy season, it’s an opportunity to slow down, look around, and see who needs a little more attention in our lives. 

In fact, committing a random act of kindness could be easier and more rewarding than you might expect. We’ve got a few ideas to help you spread the goodness this Sunday. 

#1: Whip out your phone

You spend a good chunk of your day staring at it. You might as well use it for some positivity.

Go through your contacts list a see who jumps out at you. A call, text, or email to a friend you’ve been thinking about can go a long way. Send someone an unsolicited compliment or check in with a person who you know has been going through it. In our age of instantaneous digital communication, we have the opportunity to be there for the people we care about — no matter where they are in the world. 

#2: Buy someone a coffee or tea

Head to your local coffee shop on Sunday and pay for the person behind you in line. This little act of kindness will put a huge smile on the giftee’s face — and probably on yours. 

While you’re at it, slip your barista a couple of extra bucks, too. 

#3: Make double dinner

When you’re cooking this weekend, make a double batch. Bring the second half to a neighbor, friend, or family member. Food is a lot of people’s love language. This gesture could go a long way. 

#4: Let someone cut

When you’re standing in line at the grocery store, check behind you. If the person only has a few items — or you have plenty of time on your hands — let them cut in front of you. It’s a small act of consideration, but it’s a great way to celebrate World Kindness Day. 

#5: Ignore (some of) the rules of the road

When you’re behind the wheel, slow down and pay attention to the people around you. Let someone merge or give them the good parking spot. They might not even notice that you did it, but you’ll know — and that should make you feel good

#6: Treat a friend to some Doughp

When was the last time you got some pleasantly surprising mail? Do you remember how nice it felt to open a kind card or dig into an expected package? 

You can give someone else that feeling — plus a delicious treat — by gifting them some Doughp. In fact, we have a “Just Because” celebration box teed up for the occasion, or any occasion, really!

And while you’re being kind to others, don’t forget to be kind to yourself, too. Maybe send a little Doughp to your own doorstep! 

Getting hungry?