Leap Year: Ways to Use the Bonus Day for Self-Care

Leap Year: Ways to Use the Bonus Day for Self-Care

It’s a leap year! This special occasion is a little like the Olympics or presidential elections — it only rolls around every four years. And that means it’s well worth pausing to savor the bonus day we’re about to get. 

Leap Day falls on a Thursday this time around, which means you might not necessarily have it off work. But the extra day still gives you a little more time before you need to pay next month’s rent or mortgage, and before you need to start anything else you have planned in March. It’s an opportunity to use the bonus 24 hours however you need them. 

And we’ve got a few ideas. Specifically, you can celebrate Leap Day by making a little time for self-care in the next week. 

#1: Catch up with friends

On Leap Day, carve out some time to reach out to people you’ve been missing. Maybe you shoot a simple text to a friend you haven’t chatted with in a bit, or you call a relative and tell them you’ve been thinking of them. You might see if a pal who lives nearby wants to meet up for a meal or a coffee or tea. 

But wait, you might be thinking. Weren’t we talking about practicing self-care on Leap Day? You betcha. As it turns out, boosting your social connections is one of the best ways to enjoy a happier, healthier life. So use a few of the 1,440 extra minutes in February to get in touch with people you care about. 

#2: Revisit your resolutions

Now that we’re two months into the year, it’s a great opportunity to look back on the goals you set in early January. How are things shaping up?

If you’re on track, give yourself kudos! Most people don’t make it this far into the year while sticking with their resolutions. 

If your progress isn’t quite where you wanted it, don’t sweat. That’s exactly what this Leap Day opportunity is all about! It’s a time to check back in and reset as needed. If you want some tips to make your resolutions easier to stick with through the rest of the year, we’ve got a few rounded up for you here

#3: Explore a volunteer opportunity you’ve been curious about

Is there a cause or organization you’ve been wanting to check out? Use Leap Day as an excuse to give yourself the push to get started. 

Whether you sign up to sort cans at your local food bank, you do some trail maintenance for the nearest land preserve, or get involved with a non-profit like SHE RECOVERS, you’ll be doing self-care work at the same time. How? Volunteering serves up benefits like stronger mental and physical health, a deeper sense of purpose, and the chance to meet new friends. 

#4: Start journaling

As Doughp's founder Kelsey likes to say, journaling is another important ingredient on her "mental health recipe card!" One of her favorite tools is the Day By Daybook, a planner-meets-journal designed to be your ally in navigating life's changes, whether it's a career shift, a divorce, or embracing sobriety. (They even have an awesome version for teenagers; because, let's be honest, teens are ALWAYS experiencing some serious change.) The Daybook is all about empowering you to take charge of your journey, one day at a time. Check it out!

Remember, taking care of your mental health is the ultimate act of self-love. So, treat yourself with kindness, embrace the changes, and savor every moment.

Leap Day is almost here! Don’t let this once-every-four-year opportunity slip past you. Spend some of the bonus hours on a self-care activity. Whether you pick one from this list or you let yourself chill out with a cup of Doughp, you should head into March feeling better. 


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