Start Making Your New Year’s Resolutions Now

Start Making Your New Year’s Resolutions Now

We know, we know. This might seem a little premature. You’re already dealing with this busy time of year, and we want you to add another thing to your list? You betcha. 

This doesn’t need to be some herculean effort. And if you give 2023 some thought now, you’re setting yourself up for an even better year ahead. 

Thinking about your resolutions before December 31 can help you approach the coming year more thoughtfully. And it gives you some time to really imagine what your best, happiest, healthiest 2023 would look like. 

Make your list, check it twice

Have a few minutes now? Grab your journal, open a note in your phone, pull out a sticky note — you get the idea. 

Jot down some things you’d like to do next year. Sure, you can resolve to exercise more or spend less money. But this isn’t just a time to think about your should-dos. It’s also your chance to think about what you really want for yourself. 

Are you missing a friend who moved away? Maybe you resolve to start writing them letters. Have you been needing more downtime? You could resolve to reread your three favorite books or meditate for ten minutes every day. Have you always wanted to learn something, like a language, the basics of yoga, or how to cook? 2023 could be your year!

Then, put that list away for a week or so. When you revisit it, see how everything feels. Does anything on your list make you feel stressed, or even less than enthused? Consider striking it. Remember, your resolutions are for you. 

Reframing resolutions as intentions

91% of people don’t keep their resolutions. That’s probably because usually we see them as a chore to tackle. And who likes chores?

Instead of setting resolutions, consider setting new year’s intentions. If you were to mindfully move into your best life next year, what would that look like? 

Don’t make yourself a to-do list. Instead, lay out some things you want to live by. The key word there is “want.” This isn’t about forcing yourself into some behavior. Your new year’s intentions should feel supportive and exciting. Setting them now should make you stoked for the coming year! 

With your resolutions/intentions set, take advantage of these next couple of weeks. Before the new year kicks off and you start applying your intentions, it’s time to really savor the season. And you know what can help there? Some delicious holiday cookie dough

Getting hungry?