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The Power of Shared Experiences

Charlotte Brontë once wrote, “Happiness quite unshared can scarcely be called happiness; it has no taste.” We agree with that. Sharing our joys and our challenges with the people we love makes life so much sweeter!

It isn’t always easy. Opening up and inviting people into your life feels vulnerable. But it’s also the best way to build connection, something that helps our mental health. So let’s smash stigmas and share our raw truths!

Don’t go it lonely

If you’ve been following our Doughp story, you probably know that our founder and CEO, Kelsey, found her happy place in the kitchen. But you might now know that she wasn’t alone. She was baking alongside her Nana, her best friend and sober ally!

Shared experiences help us build connections with people, amplifying our mental health and theirs. On the flip side, loneliness can heighten mental health challenges — and even contribute to them. 

We should note that there’s a difference between being alone and being lonely. You can be alone, enjoying your own presence and the freedom to do whatever you want. Or you can be in a room full of people feeling totally lonely. The difference maker? Shared experiences.

Through thick and thin

We can feel lonely in a crowd because we’re not connected to the people around us. The key to moving from just being physically near someone to being emotionally close to them is shared experience. And the key to sharing an experience with someone is opening up and letting them in. 

When we let our emotions out, we help ourselves heal and feel our best. When you’re really enjoying something, this is easy. It’s fun to turn to a friend and say, “This is awesome!” 

But when the going gets tough, it’s tempting to buckle down and clam up. You might not want to burden your loved ones or you might feel ashamed that you’re struggling. You may even feel like voicing something makes it more real. 

Keeping things inside can make life harder, though. Studies show that talking about what’s bugging us actually makes things better. It can reduce our stress levels, soothe us, and even support our physical health.

So whether you’re having a great day or a crummy one, don’t hesitate to call up a friend. On this Mental Health Monday, who are you leaning on to make life a little sweeter? 

If you’ve got someone who’s really been there for you lately, you can also shower some sweetness on them with a little Doughp

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