What is #Doughp4Hope?

What is #Doughp4Hope?

When our founder and fearless leader, Kelsey, launched this business wayyy back in 2017, she knew that her cookie dough had to be so much more than a sweet treat. After struggling with alcohol addiction, our fearless leader decided to give herself the gift of sobriety. She decided to fight, and win her battle with addiction in September 2015. (p.s. We are BEYOND proud of her!) 


So, what exactly is #Doughp4Hope?

We’re SO glad you asked! As you know by now (or should), Doughp is an edible, bakeable, and ridiculously tasty cookie dough company. But we're on a mission to serve raw dough and real conversation. We ship our cookie dough to households nationwide and give back through our #Doughp4Hope initiative, which works to break the stigma around mental health & addiction recovery.

We donate a portion of every purchase to nonprofits in this space and live out mental health policies inside the company and with the community.

Our partnership 

In 2021, Doughp began a partnership with SHE RECOVERS, a global grassroots movement committed to helping women in or seeking recovery from substance use and/or mental health challenges. 

Through the #Doughp4Hope initiative, we donate 1% of all company-wide sales to SHE RECOVERS and find other ways to donate and support the organization. 

Along with our financial contributions, we work together to be a resource to our followers, hosting educational events, mindfulness moments, and interviews on Facebook and Instagram Live. 

Our girl Kelsey says it best: “I’m so proud that Doughp will be able to propel their work forward and bring more resources to women in need. With SHE RECOVERS, the recovery journey just got a whole lot sweeter.”

How can you get involved? 

There are two ways that you can be an active participant in the #Doughp4Hope initiative: 

  • Buy Doughp! - The best way to help support our partnership is to keep buying your favorite flavors! Since most of our donations to SHE RECOVERS come from our sales, the more you buy, the more we’ll be able to donate, and because who doesn’t want to eat a sweet treat while helping stop the stigma!
  • Sign the pledge - You can sign the #Doughp4Hope pledge to keep it raw and real, every day. It’s totally free and the only obligation is to be honest about how you really are, give and receive compliments freely, and keep an open door for anyone who is struggling. 

Let’s work together to reduce the mental health and addiction recovery stigma!

No one should ever have to feel ashamed about what they’re going through. We’re so proud to partner with SHE RECOVERS (and you, our sweet customers!) to do our part in ending the stigma. We're helping the world to be a little sweeter & sober... one spoonful at a time!

Getting hungry?