What is Sober October?

What is Sober October?

It’s spooky season! And there’s really nothing scarier than waking up realizing you can’t remember part of last night. Which means this is a perfect time to consider participating in Sober October.

This is exactly what it sounds like. Sober October is a chance to give up booze for a month to give yourself a reset — or start on the path toward sobriety for good. Even better, if you want, it can also be a chance to support people with cancer. Sober October actually got its start as a fundraiser for cancer care. 

The history of Sober October

People didn’t just start going sober in October because it rhymes. This month-long event got its start from Macmillan Cancer Support, a British charity dedicated to people with cancer. 

Every October, they run a challenge. You sign up and commit to staying sober all month long. Then, you ask friends and family to support you through a donation. They might do a dollar a day or something like that. With those donations, you’ll join the ranks of Soberheroes and help raise money for cancer support. To date, Sober October has raised more than £33 million. 

Whether you sign up for the Macmillan challenge or not, this month could be the break you need from booze. 

The benefits of going sober

If we’ve got your interest piqued, here are a few perks that might help you decide to celebrate a Sober October yourself:

Feel better

For starters, there’s no waking up with a headache, nausea, or fuzzy memories from the night before. 

Beyond that, though, most people who quit drinking report that they feel better overall. Some of the benefits include more mental clarity and fewer mental health issues — like anxiousness or depressive symptoms. You might get sick less and enjoy glowing, healthier skin. A month off the sauce could be what your body and brain need to feel their best. 

Save money

Inflation is REAL. If you’re feeling the pinch, Sober October can be a great way to give yourself some extra breathing room. You’ll be amazed how quickly your savings stack up when you’re not getting a drink with dinner or extending that bar tab. 

Sleep better and have more energy

This might be surprising, especially if you use alcohol to help yourself fall asleep. But drinking less can actually improve the quality of your sleep and boost your energy during the day. If you notice that you’re often feeling fatigued, it might be time to give Sober October a try.  

Find new things you like

When you’re not drinking, some activities fall off the table. This opens you up to new things, though. You might find a new social group now that you’re not hitting the bar. Or you might discover a fun, new nonalcoholic drink that you can mix in to give yourself a break long after Sober October is over. It’s always good to change it up now and again, and this month is the perfect opportunity. 

Happy Sober October, everyone! For resources to help you change your relationship with alcohol, we recommend:

And if you want support giving up drinking for the rest of the month or for good, we’re here. Our #Doughp4Hope mission was born from alcohol recovery, so we’ve got you! And when you need a fun swap for a drink, you can always grab some Doughp

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