We're headed back on Shark Tank!

We're headed back on Shark Tank!

“What’s up Sharks, I’m Kelsey.” That opening line echoed throughout homes all across America as Doughp founder and fearless leader Kelsey Moreira stood before the Sharks of ABC’s hit Shark Tank in 2019 and told them about Doughp, the legit cookie dough.

Well, guess what? We’re about to hit the stage again with Doughp back on Shark Tank this season! Our episode will air May 13th at 8pm Eastern!

Shark Tank itself is one of the most prolific and recognized reality TV programs out there, winning an Emmy four times year over year from 2014 to 2017 for Outstanding Structured Reality Program. Before that, it won the Outstanding Reality Program in 2012 and again in 2013 before the 2014 category was in existence. It’s got almost 18x the demand compared to the average TV series in the United States and gets broadcast to millions across the United States. This was the big moment…

But this isn’t all about Shark Tank, it’s about Doughp. From what was just a little idea in 2017 to sell cookie dough, was then recognized by millions when Doughp's founder, Kelsey, took the company on Shark Tank in 2019. 1 of just 120 entrepreneurs that are selected out of more than 40,000 applicants each season! WILD.

Today we're celebrating that momentous day of May 5th, 2019 - our Shark Tank Anniversary. Since then, we’ve sold a lion’s shark’s share of cookie dough to our loyal fans, our Spoonlickers everywhere - more than $10 million worth of cookie dough to be exact! More importantly, we’ve made an impact on innumerable lives whether through our cookie dough itself, or the mission behind the dough.

That mission we speak of is #Doughp4Hope. Doughp is committed to reducing the stigmas around mental health and addiction recovery by donating a portion of every sale to SHE RECOVERS® Foundation and by creating a dialogue about finding the balance between the daily grind and total burnout so many of us face. We want our community to know that this really is a community and that they’re not on this journey alone!

But that’s not all…

WE’RE JUMPING BACK IN THE TANK! That’s right, you heard us. This time, however, we’ll be jumping in as featured guests for a special Shark Tank Update! This opportunity is extremely special to us, as we left the tank back in 2019 without a deal, and have been selected for this update due to our great consumer response and established success! 

Tune in May 13th at 8pm ET to see what we’ve been up to since we first dove into the tank! And if you wanna look back to celebrate our anniversary, you can watch our original pitch here.

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