Celebrate National Chocolate Day With Us

Celebrate National Chocolate Day With Us

Chocolate lovers of the world, unite! We’re just over a week away from National Chocolate Day, so it’s time to kick those celebrations into high gear. 

And you know that that means: sale time! Today through October 25th, we’ll throw in free cups of Chocolate Overload (our newest chocolate explosion) and Chocolate Chipping (chocolate chips and chocolate chunk cookie dough, available to the public for the first time ever!) with every purchase. 

To help you get in the spirit for National Chocolate Day on October 28, let’s take a look back at where this beloved flavor started. 

A little sweet history for you

Chocolate’s come a long way to its current form. Historians think we have the Olmec — the first major civilization in what’s now Mexico — to thank. They’ve found traces of chocolate compounds inside of the pots dug up from Olmec sites. 

The Olmec gave chocolate to the Maya, who mentioned it in their writings. Mayan people  consumed chocolate in drink form, and it wasn’t as sweet as the hot cocoa you’d enjoy today. It was even often mixed with chili peppers. 

The Maya gave chocolate to the Aztecs, who adopted it wholeheartedly (who can blame ‘em?). In fact, they believed it was a gift from their gods and they valued cocoa beans more highly than gold. 

History gets a little murky from there, but it seems like Spanish conquistadors brought chocolate to Europe. It was a hit and considered fashionable. The Spanish brought it to Florida, and it’s had a much-loved status across the country ever since. 

Celebrating National Chocolate Day 2023

You don’t have until the 28th to celebrate your love of chocolate. Start today by ordering some Doughp so you can get your free cups of Chocolate Overload and Chocolate Chipping.

In case you couldn’t guess from the name, Chocolate Overload is the most decadent, most chocolate-y dough we’ve ever created. We start with a base of ultra-rich dark chocolate dough, then blend in chocolate ganache and OREO® pieces. 

Want a pro tip? Put a scoop in the microwave for 10–15 seconds. Top with some ice cream if you want. As Kelsey, our founder, says, “It’s like an actual chocolate lava cake!”

Is your mouth watering yet? To get your FREE cup of Chocolate Overload — plus a cup of Chocolate Chipping — with your order, check out by 12 pm PT on the 25th. (By the way, that’s the shipping cutoff to get your order in time for Halloween.)

From our chocolate-loving hearts to yours, we hope you have a blast celebrating National Chocolate Day! 

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