Happy National Truffle Day!

Happy National Truffle Day!

May 2nd is National Truffle Day! Even though they share the same name, the chocolatey treat being celebrated today *luckily* does not taste the same as its fungus neighbor…you know, the one pigs sniff in the dirt for and cost the life of your first-born to have it shaved into your pasta dish?

Urban legend states either Louis Dufour or N. Petruccelli created the first chocolate truffle, but there is relative agreement that the first truffle originated in Chambery, France in the late 1800’s, but didn’t gain its notoriety until the early 1900s when in London, the Prestat Chocolate Shop opened. If you’re ever across the pond, if you look for the “Napoleon II” truffle, that was made to the original recipe, now over 100 years old.

Today, when you dream of a chocolate truffle (you are, aren’t you), you’re thinking of one of three main types: the American, the European, or the Swiss. The American and European taste pretty similar but the Swiss taste pretty neutral. Just kidding, geopolitical joke…we specialize in humor and cookie dough here at Doughp. In reality, they all are relatively similar featuring a creamy chocolate ganache filling with coconut, cocoa or drizzled chocolate topping.

At Doughp, celebrating chocolate isn’t a once-a-year instance, but a 24/7/365 operation, though we put a Doughp twist on the chocolatey treat. Four different Doughp flavors feature chocolate:

Brownie Beast: a chocolate brownie dough that not only tastes BOMB but has 2x more protein and 6x more fiber than our other classic doughs thanks to our partnership with ReGrained®

Avocadough Brownie *vegan*: the vegan version of our Brownie Beast, made with avocados instead of butter…ZERO avocado taste included, we promise.

You Want S’more?!: “Some more of what?” A dad-joke favorite, and iconic line in the Sandlot, this dough combines marshmallows and graham crackers, or as Ham says, “the mallow” and “the graham”, with chocolate chips to create a dough only missing the campfire. Though for our more adventurous Spoonlickers, technically a campfire-cooked cookie is possible, but we can’t condone any dangerous behavior (just ask our lawyers)

Ride or Die: The icon, the one, the only, the Jenny on the Block, it needs no further description. Its the classic chocolate chip cookie dough. Full stop.

But I can just see the comments now, “But {name redacted, the boss said so}, what about Cookie Monsta?! What about it, huh? It’s got OREOs and OREOs are chocolate?!” Okay fine, Very Concerned Reader, that’s a technicality, but so are OREOs, somehow they taste chocolatey and creamy but have neither “chocolate” nor “cream".

Regardless of your dietary preferences, insights into cookie manufacturing, or adherence to defending chocolate-flavored ingredient honor, today is cause for celebration, not argumentation.

So celebrate with us, enjoy your Doughp, and savor every bite.

Getting hungry?