There's a lot I love about my life running a cookie dough company. But what I love the most has virtually nothing to do with cookie dough. It's the platform that company creates to share my story, impact lives, and lift up other organizations aligned with the same vision.

Today is my 4-year sobriety anniversary and, if you've been following along the Doughp journey since we began in 2017, you've heard my story and helped me celebrate the last THREE sober-birthdays. Doughp is a direct outcome of my decision to let go of alcohol and embrace all of the awesomeness that makes me, me. September of 2017, just 5 months into Doughp-life I celebrated two years sober with a grand opening of our first kiosk on Market St. We offered 20% off if you came in and said "It's Doughp to be sober!" Then into 2018, we launched the Doughp For Hope initiative - my way of formalizing the impact I want to have on mental health & addiction recovery discussions. Since then, I've been fortunate enough to speak at conferences and events - sharing my journey loud & proud, in hopes that even one person In the audience who needed to hear it felt inspired and made some change in their life. Or just one person left feeling a little more open to discussions around these sometimes touchy topics.

Last week, I was interviewed (watch it here) in a live event series called SUCCESS2 from non-profit, "Open Recovery". They proudly boast the catch phrase, "F Stigma!" and I couldn't agree more. This non-profit is literally EVERYTHING I stand for. Realizing how totally incredible life can be in recovery, and not allowing one drop of shame to cover your past. Sometimes I get the sense from others who remain anonymous in recovery that sharing their journey would show they were 'flawed', or they have something wrong with them. I see it the opposite - being in recovery means I am like a superhero. Sobriety is my superpower and I'm seeing the benefits of it unfold day after day. I choose to hold nothing back and openly share my journey because then people know I'm bringing my full self to the table and, in some cases, it softens them to share some aspect of their journey's too. Sharing your own story with others is like watering the flowers, suddenly the other flowers feel comfortable to open up and begin to bloom alongside you. What's your story?

Re-watch the Open Recovery live stream interview or visit Open Recovery's website to see how you can help #EndShame and support yourself or others to live (read: thrive) in open recovery.

Thanks for your support and all the love. Have a Doughp day, homies.

Founder & Fearless Leader

 PS: To celebrate my 4-years today, we're offering 40% off our online store today only (9/14) using code DOUGHP2BSOBER

PPS: OpenRecovery Is one of three non-profits participating in this round of #Doughp4Hope; receiving 100% of proceeds from that flavor sold in our LV storefront. In October, you'll be able to find this flavor in our online store as well!


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