The Perfect Holiday Gift for Everyone on Your List? Cookie Dough

The Perfect Holiday Gift for Everyone on Your List? Cookie Dough

Maybe you got a jump on your holiday gift list during Black Friday or Cyber Monday. But if you’re like most of us, you still have some shopping to do. 

It can get stressful. You want to gift something thoughtful, but you only have so much brain capacity to come up with ideas — and only so much budget.

We’re probably a little (okay, a lot) biased, but we think we’ve got a pretty good suggestion for just about everyone on your list. Can you guess? Yep: cookie dough. 

For the hostess

The go-to hostess gift is usually a bottle of wine. But what if they’re trying to reduce their alcohol intake? Or recently made the choice to get sober?  Or what if they want to have something to enjoy with the whole family? 

Cookie dough’s a crowd-pleaser that works for everyone. Trigger that feel-good nostalgia and pick an inclusive option that works for anyone at the table. 

Plus, with our holiday flavors, you can gift something seasonal and memorable to the hostess who deserves the mostest. 

For the teacher

Move over, mugs. There’s a new way to spoil teachers in town. 

Gift your favorite educator a little sweet treat to show them you care. You could surprise them with a flavor you think they’ll like or, if you’re not sure, go for a Doughp gift card

For your bestie

When you’re looking for holiday gifts for your BFF, you’re probably trying to put a smile on their face. We can help. 

With our Perfect Gift Box, they get two flavors of cookie dough (our signature chocolate chip and rainbow sprinkle) PLUS a confetti popper, stickers, and a handwritten gift card. ‘Tis the season to celebrate your friends!

For your partner

It’s a hectic time of year. Why not gift your loved one a little quality time? Some perfectly poppable Cookie Dough Drops, their favorite movie, and a snuggle session sound like the recipe for a holiday to remember. 

For your corporate gifting needs 

Give the corporate gift that gives back. Put a smile on their face with some cookie dough, and a smile on your own knowing you’re supporting a good cause. When you buy Doughp, a portion of your purchase goes to the SHE RECOVERS Foundation, helping women in recovery and those thinking about starting that journey. 

Happy holidays from our team here at Doughp! We hope this makes your holiday shopping a little bit easier this December. 

Getting hungry?