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Hey Spoonlicker,

So I did it. I went up, like a lone wolf, and stood before five incredibly powerful, impressive Sharks and I poured my heart on the table. I mustered up all my years of business experience paired with a lifetime of passion for dessert - and gave it my all. I knew my business, I knew my numbers, and I went in there ready to CRUSH IT. In the moments before the doors opened for me to walk towards the seated, stoic Sharks - I have NEVER, in my life, been so certain that I would pee my pants. But those doors opened, my fear melted away and I walked down the hallway as the confident woman I am. I hit my floor mark and suddenly in the (1.5 hour) blink-of-an-eye, filming was done. And it hadn’t gone like I’d envisioned. No deal, and I may or may not have started tearing up on national television. It was over. I’d blown it.

The thoughts start flying around and self doubt started creeping in like a wet blanket. No matter the reassuring words from others, the high hopes you’d set for yourself & visions of what “could have been” start to weigh you down. But then, trying to take some of my own advice-medicine, I brushed it off. I said F that - and I didn’t miss a beat. I know that this is what I’m meant to do and I set off even more determined to bring raw dough & real conversation to the Las Vegas Strip. I never paused discussions with Miracle Mile Shops (the Las Vegas storefront I was gunning for in filming!) - I continued on, knowing that if you believe in something enough you’ll attract exactly what you need, right when you need it.

Like with many times since I started this journey, I got just that. I opened an absolutely magnificent, epic, ridiculously dope (hehe) Doughp storefront right on the Las Vegas Strip , in Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood. It’s everything I ever dreamed of for Doughp - we’ve got our #Doughp4Hope  pledge on the wall and “Raw Truth Cards” on our nostalgic high-school-bleacher seating, encouraging more real conversation while customers hang in the Doughp shop. It’s the first of it’s kind, Dough-It-Yourself bar where guest can create their perfect cookie dough flavor from a selection of toppings and sauces to be mixed on-site into a blonde cookie dough. The store, the staff, the customers - it’s everything I dreamed of. Come see us.

We’ve also gone after e-commerce, like I mentioned in the Tank! We’re shipping and bringing some joy to homes nationwide. We’ve even got a Tank-inspired flavor called, “Bite Me” - hehe. It’s a blue snickerdoodle dough with white chocolate shark teeth! Get some or give some to a loved one and order online here.

What’s next for Doughp? My answer hasn’t changed since that day with the Sharks - I’m 100% headed for world cookie dough domination. We’re spreading a message of positivity and self-love with every scoop of dough. After sharing my journey through alcohol abuse on national television, I’m blown away by the support I’ve received; including many stories about all of your personal battles & trumps. Keep it up, you are worth it. Sobriety is a gift and it is giving back to me every day.

If you’re reading this and thinking, “Damn. I wanna do that.” You’ve got that idea itching in the back of your mind? Maybe something you’ve wanted to do/build for a long time.. Go. Do. It. You’ve got one life, it’s your responsibility to live it to the fullest. Whatever is holding you back - toxic relationships, substance abuse, self doubt, whatever it is - drop it. You deserve to be so insanely happy and passionate about what you’re doing with your life. I hope I can be an example to others and remind everyone that with enough passion & handwork, the world is your bowl of cookie dough… Sounded better than oyster. :)

As a sign-off, in hopes of some of you setting off for your own entrepreneurial adventures, here are my 5 tips for crushing it as an entrepreneur / at life in general:

  1. Operate as if success is inevitable: When you’re doing what you’re meant to be doing, everything you need will fall into place.
  2. Stay focused on what makes you different: Don’t let other people distract you with shiny objects. Know what makes you really dope and do it really well.
  3. Hire for what you suck at: You are rad. Pretty talented, intelligent, etc. But you can’t do EVERYTHING. Figure out your main skillsets and find someone else to take the load off the other stuff. Focus on where your time is most valuable.
  4. Never say no to an introduction: In the theme of, “You cannot do everything” - you also do not know everything. Good news: Chances are, someone else does.
  5. Be a good person; do this for more than just you: When you’re creating a business, consider how it can benefit more people than just you. Be good to others, consider what you care about and how your business can impact it — from job opportunities to disadvantaged, to non-profit donations, to sustainability efforts - whatever it is, you’re building something and when it starts to pick up momentum, consider who you can help carry along in your wave.

All of my love, and a big spoonful of cookie dough,

Founder & Fearless Leader