Most of you know that Doughp is based in San Francisco, California. Home of Golden Gate Bridge, old cable cars, Pier 39 (our home!), and the Full House houses. But San Francisco has SO much more to explore that’s well off the beaten tourist track. 

Lucky for you, many of Doughp’s employees have been living in the Bay Area for years. Although we could never fully explore our own city, we do know a few places that you’re sure to love too. And we want to share them with you! 98% of Doughp’s customers are tourists who find us on Pier 39. I decided to take a tourist day in my own city to nail down the best sites to see, along with the lesser-known local spots that are only a few blocks away. Who knows, you may even stumble across some Doughp along the way! ;) 
Alamo Square Park
We know you were probably obsessed with Full House back in the 90s (we were too), so we don’t want to deprive you of a visit to Alamo Square Park. Walk to the top of the hill for great views of the house from the popular TV show, plus views of the whole city. Grab some coffee at Lady Falcon coffee truck if you’re in a hurry (our owner, Kelsey’s favorite!). Otherwise, walk a couple blocks to The Mill coffee house. Here’s where you’ll find the neighborhood locals grabbing their morning coffee and toast. Avocado toast, if you want to be a true San Franciscan. 

Pro Tip: The Mill dishes up some delish pizzas at night! Cafe turned pizza lounge - it's bomb!
The Mission
The Mission is a quirky SF neighborhood full of delicious food, hidden murals, and excellent coffee shops. Check out Balmy Alley for some sick street art, located at 24th and Balmy St.. After, grab some vegan sushi for dinner at Shizen, or Gracias Madre for vegan Mexican food. Since you ate so healthy, head to Firepie Pizza and get some Doughp for dessert! There you can find a local SF food truck selling our cookie dough jars. Craving something different after eating cookie dough already today? Stop by Smitten Ice Cream for a San Francisco favorite. While you’re there, shop around at some of the boutiques and odd-ball shops on the street. You’re sure to find a non-cliché souvenir present for everyone on your list. 
Union Square
Union Square is a tourist hot-spot with tons of hotels, shopping, and restaurants. Wander through some of the shops, or admire the hustle from the middle of the square, where you’ll find views of Macy’s, the Apple Store, and towering buildings all around you. Hungry for some cookie dough? Walk a few blocks to Hilton Union Square, where you can find scoops of Doughp served in the lobby. Just look for the Herb n’ Kitchen! 

Pro Tip: Check out the basement of Johnny Foley's Irish House for a killer night with dueling pianos!
Palace of Fine Arts
For a small break from the crowds, head to the Palace of Fine Arts. On your way, take a stroll through Crissy Field, which offers some of the best views of the Golden Gate Bridge! Just a few blocks away you’ll find the giant, Roman-looking pillars of the Palace of Fine arts. After oo-ing and aw-ing at it, head to the grassy area next to the pond to spread out a picnic lunch with the fam or your boo. Want to be really northern-Californian? Pick up some avocado toast and an organic smoothie from Project Juice. You’ll fit right in! Oh, and of course the cookie dough too.

If you head to any of these locations, be sure to snap a pic and tag us on Instagram 
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A break down, by activity:

Gracias Madre
Project Juice

Doughp, duh
​Smitten Ice Cream

Union Square
Alamo Square Park
Palace of Fine Arts
Mission District murals

The Mill
Lady Falcon Coffee Truck

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