Valentine’s Day Gift Idea: Doughp Subscription & Date Night!

Valentine’s Day Gift Idea: Doughp Subscription & Date Night!

Valentine’s Day can be the sweetest holiday. It gives you the chance to celebrate your special someone, showering them with affection. You probably have a fun date planned and you might even get the chance to dress up a little (or dress down into your comfiest attire, depending on your vibe as a couple). 

But then you realize you need to come up with a gift. Flowers are pricey and they die. Boxed chocolates can be fun — until you bite into that weird flavor. Diamonds are forever, but who has the budget for that?

If you’ve been scratching your head about what to get your sweetie, may we offer up a suggestion?

A fresh take on V-Day gifts

Give cookie dough! With our Doughp Subscriptions, you can give them two, three, six, or 12 months of cookie dough delivered straight to their door. Each month, we’ll send them two 8 oz. cups of cookie dough in ultra-fun flavors. These subscriptions get them into our Doughp Secret Cookie Dough Club, so they’ll get access to new and limited-release cookie dough inspired by the season, fan faves, and more. 

And we’re not your average cookie dough, either. You can heat it or eat it. That’s right, Doughp is safe to enjoy raw! So even if your Valentine isn’t a baker, this gives you a way to satisfy your sweetie’s sweet tooth. 

Plus, our Doughp subscriptions come with FREE shipping! So you’re getting yourself a little something — some savings — in the process, too. 

The perfect Doughp for date night

By gifting your Valentine a Secret Cookie Dough Subscription in February, you make things extra sweet for them. How? We’ll let you in on a little secret. Members of our Secret Cookie Dough Club are getting access to our brand new, members-only flavor: Date Night. 

Move over, chocolate-dipped strawberries. Date Night delivers all of the flavors with none of the mess. It’s a decadent chocolate cookie dough blended with real strawberry filling, dried strawberries, and white chocolate chips. 

Joining the Secret Cookie Dough Club is the ONLY way to get this flavor, so you’ll be giving something exclusive to your special VIP. And hey, if you’re lucky, your sweetheart might just share a bite or two with you. No guarantees. 

For your sweetest Valentine’s Day yet, get your special somebody set up with some Doughp!

Getting hungry?