3 Tips for Baking Like a Total Pro

3 Tips for Baking Like a Total Pro

So, you want to be a baker. First of all: HECK YEAH! Doughp’s legit edible and bakeable cookie dough is here because of a love for baking.

Second of all: baking can be difficult to get the hang of. Here at Doughp, we’ve tried it all. Our edible cookie dough took time to develop, but now: we’ve got our recipe down. Here are some beginner baking tips to help you start #KillingIt.

Doughp's 3 Tips for New Bakers

  1. Get Your Ingredient Temperatures Right
    Did you know that different ingredients work in different ways depending on their temperature? 

    Example #1: Eggs. Most recipes will call for room-temperature eggs, as they mix better with other ingredients and help the cake/cupcakes/other goodies rise easily. Using chilled eggs in place can cause the cake to take longer to rise, and the cold eggs could chill the fat again, which means curdling.

    Example #2: Butter. Plenty of recipes call for softened butter—meaning, if you touched it, your finger would push it in, but it would still hold its form. Chilled butter, on the other hand, is great for recipes that call for a flaky consistency. (Think biscuits.) And when it comes to melted butter, make sure it’s not hot. Otherwise, you risk cooking other ingredients, like eggs.
  2.  Read the Whole Recipe
    There are many reasons why you should read the whole recipe, from ingredients to instructions. Even if you’ve baked a cake before, different recipes can mean different amounts of ingredients. Reading through the directions is also crucial: knowing what you’re doing next will come in handy, especially if the instructions are time sensitive. (It’s also important if you need something at room temperature rather than chilled—see point 1!)
  3. Mise En Place is Real
    No more scrambling around the kitchen. Find all ingredients and measuring tools prior to starting the recipe. You’ll be able to visually account for what you need and what you’re missing. If possible, measure out ingredients in advance—checking the recipe any time there’s a new ingredient can overwhelm even the most talented of bakers. Then, do the reverse: put every ingredient away once it’s been used. Who has the tidiest kitchen? You.

Baking is a fantastic creative outlet. Follow these three tips, and you’re off to a great start. Planning on making some no bake cookie dough? Share it with us @doughp!


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