Our Best Baking Tips: 2024 Edition

Our Best Baking Tips: 2024 Edition

Have you ever been flipping through channels and stumbled across a cooking demo that hooked you? The person cooking or baking probably looked self-assured and confident, nimbly handling their ingredients while smiling to the camera and explaining how delicious it would all turn out. 

We think we all deserve to feel that solid in the kitchen. And with Doughp, getting there is easy! We do all the heavy lifting for you so you can enjoy delicious cookies without the stress. But why stop there? To help you get the absolute best results possible, we teed up a few baking tips everyone trying Doughp in 2024 should know. 

If you’re baking, keep it cold

We believe that cookie dough should be delicious. So we’ve added more of the good stuff: real butter. A lot of premade store-bought doughs don’t even use butter (they use margarine, shortening, or both). And those that do use butter usually only include a little bit. But we’ve worked in much more of that yellow gold, which is a big part of what makes Doughp so darn tasty.

But it also means that our dough bakes best when it goes straight from the fridge to the oven. That doesn’t mean you have to fuss with cold, hard-to-shape cookie dough, though. Kelsey, our founder, has a hot (or should we say cold?) tip. 

If you’re planning to bake Doughp, pull it out of the fridge and pop it on the counter for 15 minutes. That time at room temp makes it super scoopable and moldable. Then, Kelsey recommends popping your rolled balls of Doughp back into the fridge for 15–20 minutes. Stick them into the oven straight from the fridge for perfectly shaped cookies every time. 

Bake it your way

Here at Doughp, we believe that enjoying a delicious treat shouldn’t require much elbow grease. Or any kind of grease, for that matter. In fact, our cookies bake best if you don’t grease the baking sheet beforehand. Just plop the dough down and stick it into an oven preheated to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. 

While baking times will vary a little bit depending on your oven, we do have some ballpark times to help you find your own sweet spot:

  • 4–5 minutes: Ooey gooey warm dough
  • 7–8 minutes: Rigid edges with a soft cookie dough center
  • 9–12 minutes: Traditional cookies (let them cool completely before you take them off the baking sheet)
  • 12+ minutes: Watch ‘em closely or they may burn!

If you’re enjoying Doughp raw, let it sit

One of the best things about Doughp (if we do say so ourselves) is that you can dig into it raw. We heat-treat our flour and don’t use any eggs so that you can go straight in with a spoon without the fear of tummy troubles later.

That said, we recommend the tiniest bit of prep work. While you can eat Doughp straight from the fridge, you might notice that it’s a little hard and crumbly. Let’s fix that for you. Just pop it on the counter for 15 minutes to get that perfect, spoon-soft consistency.  

If you want easy and delicious, nuke it

Want warm, gooey dough with hardly any work? Grab a microwave-safe bowl or mug and pop as much Doughp as you want in it. Microwave it for 10–15 seconds and you’ll get a warm, half-baked treat. This is Kelsey’s favorite way to enjoy Doughp!

Armed with this info, all you need is some Doughp for a truly delicious February. So what are you waiting for? 



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