Why Heat-Treated Flour Really is Better

Why Heat-Treated Flour Really is Better

Have you ever heard of  heat-treated flour? Maybe so, but do you know the difference between heat-treated flour and regular flour?  You may not consider yourself a “flour know-it-all” right now, but by the end of this, we can guarantee you will be!

Heat-treated flour is a much safer baking option and is preferred by many national and international baking companies, including Nestle Tollhouse. Everybody who's anybody in the baking world knows that heat-treated flour is a safer baking option, including the big guys. We know it, too - and that’s why we use it in all of our Doughp products

So what exactly is heat-treated flour, and why is it better than regular flour? 

A Safer Option for E. Coli 

Even if you don’t know a lot about heat-treated flour, there’s a good chance you know about E. coli. This is a bacterium that can potentially cause a lot of severe illnesses and harm to your body. E. coli can be found in various foods, including beef, salad, raw flour, and most cookie dough. Now you know why your mom spent all that time telling you not to eat raw cookie dough while you were growing up. 

At this point, you might be wondering why a cookie dough company is telling you that E. coli is present in raw cookie dough, seeing as that’s exactly what we sell. But stick with us - we promise we’ll explain!

How does it work? 

Heat-treated flour heats away the bacteria, making your flour safe to eat raw. You’re essentially pre-baking the flour before it’s used in the cookie dough! That’s why we can sell you raw cookie dough, knowing that you will be perfectly safe! 

As you can taste from our mind-blowingly delicious cookie dough, heat-treated flour doesn’t change the way it tastes OR bakes (yes, you can bake Doughp cookie dough, also!), so there is no difference in how it will mix in with the rest of your ingredients. Now the cookie dough is safe for you to dig in before baking, too! 

So now you know all about heat-treated flour and how it is better than regular flour! We understand how tasty cookie dough is, and we want you to enjoy it to the fullest. Here at Doughp, we ensure that we are using only the safest (and tastiest) ingredients in all our products. 

Now that you’re the expert, we hope you’ll choose us to enjoy your next spoonful of cookie dough - raw that is. 

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