QVC x Doughp: Live from Kelsey's Kitchen!

QVC x Doughp: Live from Kelsey's Kitchen!

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Spoonlickers everywhere, we are coming to you from a new location… QVC!

In November of 2021, Doughp was featured as part of QVC's Holiday Show selling our 5oz cups of Doughp, if you're curious to see what that looked like or you've never been a QVC viewer before, here's what last year's show looked like! 

THIS year, we're featuring a 3-pack of our Doughp Drops!


How to Watch:

Tune in on your cable TV’s QVC channel on Wednesday, April 6th, 2022 around 7pm EST. Don’t have cable? No problem! You can tune in live on or with the Doughp team on Instagram & TikTok Livestreams. Be on the lookout for "Must Pasta with Natalie Locketz." Our Doughp founder and fearless leader, Kelsey WILL BE UP NEXT with Doughp!!!

QVC lets us reach spoonlickers coast-to-coast with their massive audience reach! You get to hear and see Kelsey and Doughp (unfortunately Taste-o-Vision and Smell-o-Vision TVs aren't a thing yet) go live from her home kitchen and have the opportunity to buy Doughp Drops right then and there.

QVC had 15.1 million consumers in 2021, meaning shopping from home was on the rise (as if we needed hard data to prove that, I think we're all at home shopping a lot nowadays) and a lot of that is due to QVC's position as the market-leader in Livestream shopping.

A relatively new term coined during the Internet era is exactly what it sounds like, shopping during a Livestream. By adding additional layers of honesty, transparency, and authenticity from "hosts," Livestream ups the ante of the shopping experience to feel more tailored to a personal level rather than pursuing stores solo.

In this case, it means you get to see Doughp in all its glory, straight from the source---Kelsey!

QVC's lead over other big tech platforms like Amazon, Facebook, TikTok is due in large part to its existing network and understanding of the at-home shopping community--it's what they've been doing for years, while other outlets are only recently entering the fray and are learning from QVC's lead.

Livestream shopping is not just a US phenomenon, either. Rather, it's far from isolated to the States; a market that's expected to surpass $25 billion in the next two years. In China, consumers are expected to spend almost $300 billion this year alone.

A formidable platform, QVC is blazing the trail in the US for Livestream shopping and is no longer just the location for the "As Seen on TV" items that everyone begged their parents for. Instead, QVC is now mostly digital with their traffic coming in large percentages over the Internet--if you noticed above, it's a link to QVC's website, so you can see Doughp online with any Internet device rather than having to tune in on a traditional TV set.

We can’t set a reminder on your phone for you, but don’t forget to watch Doughp on QVC ( between 5-8 PM EST on Wednesday, April 6th, 2022! 

If you tune in, take a picture, post it to social media, and tag us @doughp and we’ll feature you on our pages! 

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