Meet Our Newest Dillicious Flavor...Dill Dough!

Meet Our Newest Dillicious Flavor...Dill Dough!

Some things are just better raw.


Sushi, steak tartare, and cookie dough, of course. Growing up with standard cookie doughs you were always told not to eat it raw, but with every Doughp flavor you can dig in without all the guilt! With more than 70 flavors created since we first started mixing it up in 2017, we’ve loved what we’ve made but it’s felt like something was missing for you, our loyal Spoonlickers.


Creating new and exciting flavors is part of what makes Doughp so fun and Spoonlickers play a large role in that. The comment section on our Instagram is constantly engaging with new thoughts, new flavors, and we do our very best to listen to what the people want.


Our latest release does exactly that. Introducing the newest Doughp flavor, Dill Dough—it’s almost as good as the real dill.


Made with chunks of crunchy, tangy dill pickle, fresh dill, and pickle extract, we always source the best ingredients, and Dill Dough is no different. We’ve already gone ahead and tested it out with some of our team and the comments about the new flavor speak for themselves; see for yourself.


“It’s the best thing that’s ever been in my mouth. Plain and simple.” 



“My husband got mad all I ever want now is Dill Dough” 



“It may not look like much before you open it, but it’s more than satisfying” -Allison


“I preferred my Doughp baked, but with Dill Dough, it’s so much better raw.”


We know sometimes seeing a big, thick, container of cookie dough can be daunting, so be on the lookout for Dill Dough flavored Doughp Drops: all the flavor, just in a smaller package.

We want to hear from you! Tell us how you like your Dill Dough on any of our social channels: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok!

And if you haven’t yet - be sure to sign up for early access of this limited release flavor dropping April 8th! Get first dibs here!

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