Doughp x CLEAN Giveaway!

Doughp x CLEAN Giveaway!

For the almost 20 million Americans that suffer from substance addiction at some point in their life, the road to sobriety can seem too challenging. With substance addiction being a stigmatized topic and little public information on what to do or where to turn, the importance of community on the road to sobriety cannot be overstated.

Kelsey Moreira has traveled that path, and since getting sober in 2015, has made it her personal mission to foster that sense of community for others on the road to recovery… through delicious cookie dough, no less! Doughp was founded in 2017 and rose in popularity after the Sharks of ABC’s Shark Tank smelled blood in the water fresh baked cookies.

Made with real ingredients and the ability to be eaten raw or baked, Doughp not only tastes good, but does good. A portion of every sale is donated to the SHE RECOVERS Foundation, a non-profit charity set up to support and empower women on their road to addiction recovery. Chocolate chips are already pretty tasty, but pair those with the noble mission of helping others, and they taste even better! (Your mouth is watering already isn’t it?) 

Within a year of Kelsey’s sobriety, another individual was on their own road to recovery in Austin, Texas.

From 35 Vicodin a day to over 3,000 individual recovery scholarships, Wes Hurt’s path to recovery paved the way for CLEAN Cause, an organic sparkling low-calorie Yerba Mate beverage with a purpose. Wes and his Clean Team found that a structured living arrangement inside of a sober living experience was one of the most crucial parts of recovery, so they put money and mouths together to do something about it. Eight flavors of CLEAN Cause have created more than $1.5 mil in scholarships.

Whether you’ve got a preference for Peach, a love of Lemon-Lime, wish for Watermelon Mint, beg for Blackberry, rave over Raspberry (like Macklemore, who happens to be an investor and Creative Director), obsess over Orange Ginger, cheer for Cherry Lime, or scream for Strawberry Lemon, CLEAN Cause has you covered.

Doughp and CLEAN Cause are now combining their great tastes and great missions to do even more good, together through a joint giveaway effort they’re elevating the addiction recovery conversation with the masses. The four lucky winners of the giveaway will receive a 4-pack of Doughp’s Best Selling Cookie Dough flavors and 4 cases of CLEAN Cause Yerba Mate Beverages.


Disclaimer: Must be a US resident, 18 years or older to win. Giveaway ends 11:59pm PST 3.11.22

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