Keto-Friendly Milkshakes Exist!

Keto-Friendly Milkshakes Exist!

Welcome back to the blog, Spoonlickers! Today we’re bringing you another Doughp recipe post - KETO COOKIE DOUGH MILKSHAKES! Big shoutout to Keto Pint for partnering with us for this blog post! The best part about this recipe? It's SO EASY. Such a quick and simple, and healthy dessert fix.


*Disclaimer: We did not use Keto-friendly milk for this video, but you can easily make it Keto-friendly by using coconut milk.*


The essentials: 


Step 1: One large scoop of Keto Pint ice cream

Step 2: One large scoop of Doughpamine cookie dough

Step 3: One cup milk

Step 4: One teaspoon vanilla

Step 5: Blend!


Did you make these pancakes for yourself? Enjoy them? Have Pinterest fails to share? Drop us a comment and let us know how they turned out!


Want more recipes from Doughp? Order some cookie dough and check out our blog for even more fun cookie dough ideas!


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