Making Pancakes Cool Again

Making Pancakes Cool Again

Welcome back to the blog, Spoonlickers! Today we’re bringing you another Doughp recipe post - COOKIE DOUGH PANCAKES! Say whaaaat? Yeah, cookie dough pancakes are a thing and we made them at home with our Ride or Die dough to show you how delicious these things are. Pics or it didn’t happen, right?

Cookie dough pancakes are perfect for special birthday breakfasts, breakfast-for-dinner nights, or just to satisfy your sugar craving ~no judgments here~. Whatever your reason is, dig in! PS check out the video below if you’re a visual person 👀


Here’s our step by step guide to making cookie dough pancakes:


The essentials:

  1. Cookie dough: Order your Doughp cookie dough online, and use the code DOUGHP for $10 off orders of $40+.
  2. Pancake mix
  3. Other ingredients depend on what pancake mix you’re using


Step 1: Make your pancake mix!

For this step, follow the instructions on the back of the pancake box. Ingredients will vary.


Step 2: Make your first pancake, then add a scoop of dough

Start making pancakes just like you normally would. Put the finished pancake on a plate, then put a small scoop of dough on top, ~2 oz.


Step 3: Keep making pancakes

Put the next pancake on the pile to make a cookie dough sandwich. Pancake, scoop of dough, pancake, scoop of dough, until you have one pancake left to make.


Step 4: Cook the last scoop of cookie dough

For your last pancake, add your scoop of cookie dough direct to the pan with your batter. Save a bit of batter to pour over the cookie dough. Flip like a normal pancake, and add to the top of your pile!


Step 5: Bask in the glory of your cookie dough pancake pile, and dig in!

You should now have a pile of pancakes + gooey cooking dough in between, AND one pancake on top with a cooked cookie in the middle. Can you say YUMMMM? 

Did you make these pancakes for yourself? Enjoy them? Have Pinterest fails to share? Drop us a comment and let us know how they turned out!


Want more recipes from Doughp? Order some cookie dough and check out our blog for even more fun cookie dough ideas!


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