4 Tips for Coping in the COVID-19 Era

4 Tips for Coping in the COVID-19 Era

COVID-19 has taken the world by storm. It's changed up our daily routines and filled our phones with intense news seemingly 24/7.

Unsurprisingly, this can have an effect on mental health. But there are ways to fight back! I spoke with Patrick Bozarth, MA, LMFT, LCADC-I, and Executive Director of the Community Counseling Center of Southern Nevada (CCC), about ways to cope and take care of yourself during this time.

  1. Refrain from obsession over media. “Often, various news outlets, regardless of political leanings, tend to sensationalize coverage of the news and avoid facts in favor of ratings,” Bozarth says. “While it is important to be well-informed of what’s going on and what precautions are necessary, … it’s imperative that we all get factual data that is supported by medical science, not uninformed opinions.” Take all sensational, speculative information with a grain of salt.
  2. Avoid negative coping mechanisms. Drinking excessively and other numbing mechanisms won’t help in the long run (trust me - been there!) Rather, turn to healthy ways of coping. “Some ideas that are generally universal may include: walking, light exercise, art or craft projects, reading and learning to help stimulate the mind, and social engagement (this doesn’t have to go against social distancing; examples can include regular phone conversations with loved ones, video chats/facetime, or safe and socially distant meet-ups),” says Bozarth.
  3. Figure out what coping mechanisms work for you. Everybody is different, and some coping mechanisms that work for others might not work for you. Hone in on the things that bring you joy. “Try to identify the things that bring you joy, calmness, and the things that you know are sincerely good for you,” Bozarth suggests. “The key here is to find meaning, purpose, comfort, and of course, preference! Search for and write down those things that are special and helpful for you.
  4. Moderation is key. It's easy to turn to comfort foods for support in tough times. And while I'd like to say cookie dough cures all ailments, it's important you “always make sure that your intake of healthy foods makes up most of your diet and that the ‘indulgences’ are just that, which you indulge in moderation.” Bozarth says. So, yes, grab that Doughp & find balance in your life for a little treat yo'self moment. :)

PSA: In case you didn't know, CCC is the recipient of 1% of all of Doughp's sales - helping provide affordable mental health care and substance abuse treatment.

Take care of yourself - and reach out to a friend you know may be affected by the isolation / routine change. Mental health check-ins save lives!

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