Dad Deserves to Be Spoiled This Father’s Day

Dad Deserves to Be Spoiled This Father’s Day

8Father’s Day is this Sunday! If you’ve got a dad, dads, or a father figure in your life, make sure you’ve got something ready to celebrate the occasion. 

Here’s the thing. Father’s Day doesn’t get the same hype as Mother’s Day, where breakfast in bed is considered the bare minimum. Dad might get a card and, like, a punny t-shirt. Which, hey, they call them dad jokes for a reason. But if your dad — or someone who’s been a fatherly presence in your life — means a lot to you, there’s truly no better chance to let him know. 

Don’t forget about dad

If we look at spending metrics, mom gets a lot more love than dad. Seriously, to the tune of about $60 or roughly 50% more spent on her. 

Let’s be clear. We’re not saying spending more money means you love a certain parent more. In fact, a lot of the best gifts are free (corny but true). All we’re saying is that if you look at the numbers, dad gets the short end of the stick. 

He deserves more. A few years ago, the Pew Research Center rounded up some pretty interesting statistics about fatherhood in America. Here are a few key takeaways:

  • Between 1989 and 2016, the share of fathers who stay home to care for their families grew by 20%
  • Just as many dads say parenting is a key part of their identity as moms
  • Fathers are more likely than mothers to say that parenting is rewarding and enjoyable all the time
  • 76% of polled people think men face a lot of pressure to financially provide for their families
  • Between 1965 and 2016, the number of hours dads spent on child care tripled
  • In the same time frame, the number of hours they spent on household chores more than doubled
  • Most polled dads said they feel like they’re not doing enough for their kids

Make time for dad this Father’s Day

Dads aren’t just working harder at home. They’re also doing that while still facing social pressure to financially provide. At the same time, they’re often kicking themselves that they could be doing more.

If that sounds like your dad/father figure, let this be your reminder to plan to spoil him this Sunday. Heck, why not start with breakfast in bed? Mom doesn’t have the monopoly there. 

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