Treat Yourself on National Cookie Dough Day!

Treat Yourself on National Cookie Dough Day!

It’s National Cookie Dough Day! And it’s perfect timing, too, because the summer solstice means it’s also the longest day of the year. That gives you plenty of time to treat yourself. 

As you can probably guess, National Cookie Dough Day is a pretty big deal to us at Doughp. But we’d argue that it’s a holiday well worth celebrating even if you don’t work for a cookie dough company. Dig into some dough (or, better yet, some Doughp!) today and see how you feel. Wasn’t that nice?

The deets on the dough

Cookie dough has come a long way since its rough formation as the foundation for mini test cakes in seventh-century Persia. Fast forward to 1938, when Ruth Wakefield released the first chocolate chip cookie recipe

Even then, the dough was just a stopping point along the way to a baked cookie. And yeah, we get it. There’s seriously nothing quite like pulling a fresh, hot cookie from the oven and biting into all that melty goodness. 

But let’s hear it for the dough! On what could be a hot summer day (depending on where you live), turning on your oven probably sounds less than appealing. Thanks to the rise of safe-to-eat cookie dough options, like our flavors here at Doughp, you don’t need to go through any of the hassle of getting out a baking sheet (ugh) and pre-heating your oven (bleh). Grab your spoon and you’re ready to rock!

A new way to dig into some Doughp: Sin-a-Bun!

In honor of National Cookie Dough Day, we’re rolling out a limited-edition run of a new flavor: Sin-A-Bun! This cinnamon swirl cookie dough includes decadent cinnamon roll chunks and white icing. This flavor comes to us from Jack Kellogg, who won our Spoonlicker Showdown (heck yeah, Jack!). 

You can start ordering Sin-A-Bun soon and we’ll get shipments out ASAP. We’ve got a “Sinfully Delicious” two-pack, with Sin-A-Bun and Blondie, complete with recommendations to turn Blondie into some of the other Spoonlicker Showdown flavors that we loved! We’ve only got 2,000 of these bad boys so make sure you get on it. Is there really any better way to celebrate the very important holiday of National Cookie Dough Day? 

Pre-order your Sin-a-Bun here!

A very happy Dough Day to all you spoonlickers out there! We’ll be joining you in treating ourselves to our favorite cookie dough in honor of the date. 

Getting hungry?