Kelsey Talks to CBS

Kelsey Talks to CBS

Last week, our fearless leader Kelsey joined CBS to talk about the history of Doughp and the latest news with us. 

"It starts back in 2017," Kelsey says. "After a 10-year career in tech, I came to terms with my own struggles with mental health and addiction and finally made the choice to get sober. Getting sober," she adds, "gave me the opportunities to ask, 'What do I love?' In finding myself, I found myself in the kitchen. I used to love to bake as a kid!"

She also explains how she was attempting to be a vegan and, in doing so, stumbled upon the egg substitute that makes our Doughp safe to eat straight from the pint!

And she digs into our partnership with the SHE RECOVERS Foundation and our #Doughp4Hope initiative. "I learned early on that what I was going through [with addiction and mental health] was so not unique to me, sadly," Kelsey explains. Our commitment to busting stigmas and making the rawness of life a little sweeter started there.  

Finally, she talked about how we're in more than 300 Walmarts in the western half of the country and Costco in Texas! (Find us near you.)

If you didn't catch the interview live, we've got it — including the oh-so-satisfying footage of Doughp getting made — for you here! 

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