Share Doughp With Your Friends, Get Perks!

Share Doughp With Your Friends, Get Perks!

When you think about what matters most in your life, do your friends come to mind? Well, we’ve got some great news for you! If you want a way to shower them with some sweet signs of your affection, we’ve got you covered here at Doughp.

Whether you’re planning a cookie swap with friends, you want to send a celebratory surprise to someone’s house, or you just want a way to say “thanks for being you,” we can help. 

Shower your friends with Doughp

We believe that life is better when you celebrate. Maybe your gal pal just landed her dream job or your buddy is celebrating his two-year sober birthday. Maybe your friends are welcoming a new little one into the fold or someone finally split with that icky ex. 

Whatever the case may be, if you want to hype them up, check out our gift box. We’ll send them Doughp (duh), plus confetti poppers, stickers, and a note handwritten with whatever message you want. Now that’s a sweet way to celebrate!

Reap perks for yourself

Of all the people you love in your life, you should be high on the list. And we’ve got three ways you can treat yourself while treating your friends. 

  • The Doughp Ambassador Program: If you love Doughp and you know your friends will love Doughp, sign up for our Ambassador Program. We’ll give you 10% of any sale you bring in (not including taxes or discounts). Once you sign up, we’ll give you a special code you can use. 
  • The Doughp Referral Program: Give $5, get $5. Submit your email address here and we’ll get you set up to give your pals $5 off their first order, and a way to pocket $5 yourself. 
  • The Spoonlicker’s Club: This is our loyalty rewards point system. For every 100 points you earn, we give you $10 to spend on any Doughp you want! Just creating your account will give you 50 points and we’ll give you 100 points (that’s 10 bucks, baby!) on your birthday, too. Then, for every dollar you spend sending Doughp to your friends or yourself, you’ll rack up a point. If that sounds pretty sweet, you can sign up and get details on all the different ways to earn points here

With us, you can spread the sweetness and treat yourself in the process. Wins all around? That’s the way we like it. Stock your cart now

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