Celebrate National Peanut Butter Cookie Day With Us!

Celebrate National Peanut Butter Cookie Day With Us!

No, it’s not National Peanut Butter Day. That won’t roll back around until January 24. And it’s not National Cookie Day — you’ll have to wait until December 4 for that. It’s a combination of the two. Today is National Peanut Butter Cookie Day! It’s the only cookie holiday in June, so it’s time to lean in. 

We’ve got big news to help you celebrate, including a new cookie dough creation made just for you! 

Taking PB cookies up a level

While George Washington Carver released more than 100 ways to use peanuts in recipes, peanut butter cookies weren’t on that list. That’s partially because the way we think of peanut butter today, with the oils from the peanuts blended throughout, didn’t come onto the scene until the 1920s

In the century that’s followed, peanut butter has been used for just about everything, from leather cleaner to a stopper to keep your ice cream from leaking out of the bottom of the cone. And it made its way, much to all of our delight, into cookies in quite a few ways. 

To celebrate its many uses — from a mix-in to the cookie dough itself to filling between sandwich cookies — we’re bringing you a drool-worthy new peanut butter cookie flavor. 

Meet Peanut Butter Cookies & Cream

Our newest foray into peanut butter dough is just what it sounds like: it blends cookies and cream with the PB you love. We’ve mixed OREO® cookies and peanut butter into this dough. So if you love PB and chocolate but you’re looking to mix it up a little bit, this one’s for you. 

Wanna get it for yourself? You’ve got a couple of options. In honor of National Peanut Butter Cookie Day, we’re releasing this one to the public today. We’ve got a limited supply, so act fast if you’re craving this dough. 

Or, if you wanna get it plus another sweet treat, sign up for our Secret Cookie Dough Club. This month, we’re shipping Club members Peanut Butter Cookies & Cream and that mystery flavor you’ve probably seen us hyping up: Candy Bar Craze, our caramel dough with Snickers®! It’s available exclusively to Secret Cookie Dough Club members, so if you don’t wanna miss out, sign up today! 

So, what are you waiting for? Celebrate the holiday by ordering your cup of dough today! 

SNICKERS® is a registered trademark of Mars, Incorporated.

OREO® is a registered trademark of INTERCONTINENTAL GREAT BRANDS, LLC.

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