From Our First National Cookie Dough Day to Now

From Our First National Cookie Dough Day to Now

It’s National Cookie Dough Day, which you better believe is a big deal here at Doughp! We’re all about that dough. 

Last year, we celebrated by talking a little about the history of cookie dough in general (did you know it dates back to seventh-century Persia??). But this time around, we wanted to do something a little bit different. We’re hyping up the holiday by reflecting on the dope journey we’ve had here at Doughp. 

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Looking back on our first days of dough

In case you didn’t know, Doughp was born from a side effect of our founder, Kelsey’s, journey into sobriety. As she got sober in 2015, she worked to build the life she wanted. And she kept finding herself in the kitchen whipping up cookies.

What if, she thought, doing the thing she loved (baking) could bring a smile to more people’s faces? From that inspiration, Doughp grew. Once Kelsey found the perfect substitute for eggs (hint: it’s flaxseed), she started developing doughp that you could heat or eat raw. 

By 2017, Doughp was a full-fledged company. But why stop there? We’re selling in stores nationwide and Kelsey also took Doughp to Shark Tank not once, but twice. During National Cookie Dough Day, you best believe we’re celebrating the deliciousness that’s propelled us to today. But Doughp is about a lot more than just the dough. 


Kelsey’s done more than brave the Shark Tank sharks twice. She’s also made the Forbes 30 Under 30 list for her work in delicious dough that helps to smash stigmas around addiction and mental health. 

What does that mean? With Doughp4Hope, our company gets to do some pretty cool stuff. To start each week, we celebrate Mental Health Monday with an IG live hangout at 7 pm ET.  We’re a Recovery Friendly Workplace with a company mental health policy that we take seriously. And we give a portion of every sale to the SHE RECOVERS® Foundation, which supports women in recovery from substance abuse and mental illness. 

We’re all about that dough, absolutely, but partially because making something delicious has helped us make the world a sweeter place. So if you’re looking to celebrate National Cookie Dough Day with a company that cares, join us by grabbing some Doughp! And don't forget, you can save up to 20% if you place you order during our sale today! 

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