Ready to Get Cozy? Fall Flavors Return with Cinnamon Apple Doughp

Ready to Get Cozy? Fall Flavors Return with Cinnamon Apple Doughp

Cinnamel. Even if this is your first time hearing this word mashup, you can probably smell it. That blend of caramel and cinnamon just screams cozy fall vibes. 

And, sure, it might be August. But it’s been a HOT summer. We’re betting we’re not alone in dreaming of cooler, crisper days. So why wait? We’re bringing Cinnamel Apple Doughp back — and you don’t have to hold off until September. This autumnal treat is back on offer TODAY!

Fall flavors — no oven needed

Cinnamel Apple has what you probably expect: our classic cookie dough blended with tons of cinnamon, caramel, and sweet apple pieces. 

And if you’re in a part of the country that isn’t blazing hot right now, by all means, fire up that oven and make some cookies. As they bake, they’ll fill your kitchen with the smell of fall. 

But if you’re somewhere warm and the thought of adding heat to your home sounds insane, no sweat! Just like all of our Doughp flavors, Cinnamel Apple is 100% safe to eat raw. 

Grab that spoon, stand in front of your fan, and let yourself be transported to cooler times. Each bite will remind you that crisper, less sweltering days are coming. 

Pro tip: if you’re getting into your Doughp raw, leave it on the counter for 15 minutes or pop it in the microwave for a few seconds. That way, it will be perfectly spoon-soft. 

Another option for getting Cinnamel Apple

Since it’s back in stock, you can order your cup of this fall flavor the old-fashioned way (from our online store). But if you’re looking to add a little more deliciousness to the tail-end of your summer, you can also join our Secret Cookie Dough Club

We send Club members two cups of Doughp every month — and shipping is free. And the flavors are often our limited-time releases or ones we don’t even offer to the public! This month, Club members are getting their very own cup of Cinnamel Apple, plus a cup of Chocolate Chipping, a can’t-miss for all you chocolate lovers out there. 

You don’t have to wait for fall vibes. Order Cinnamel Apple or join the Secret Cookie Dough Club to start savoring the cooler season now! 

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