Bake it til you make it!


Baking ain't always easy! With Doughp, the good news is you literally can't mess this up. Forget perfection & dig in. *chef's kiss*

  1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Get an ungreased baking sheet and plop down round-ish balls of refrigerated Doughp cookie dough however big you want! (Pssst.. 1-2 TBSP is a good place to start, but no one is stopping you from using 1/4 cup of Doughp and making a massive cookie that’ll be all gooey in the middle and melty and awesome and..omg I’m drooling, sorry, back to the recipe!)
  3. Baking time will vary by oven but Doughp is safe to eat raw or baked - so anywhere in between is all good! See chart below for our general guide.
  4. If you want a sturdy cookie, let cool completely before removing from the tray! If you want warm doughy goo, scrape into your bowl (preferably on top of a scoop of ice cream!) and enjoy!

    Doughp baking instructions

    Baked Doughp cookies!


    • I have been away for a while and now I am back! Can’t wait to have some doughp!

      Karla Farmer
    • Great tasting cookies for an amazing cause!!!! Best day ever!!!

      Julia Schmidt
    • Freaking yum

      Julia Cearfoss
    • I can’t wait until we receive our Dough. My son and I are so excited!!!

      Natosha Long
    • Red velvet is back !!! If you have not tried it your missing out


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