Our Best Baking Tips: 2022 Edition

Our Best Baking Tips: 2022 Edition

Since we’re, you know, a cookie dough company, you can probably guess that we spend a fair bit of time in the kitchen. And honestly, nothing’s quite as frustrating as slaving over the stove or meddling with your mixer only to have your bake not turn out as planned. 

We’ve learned a few things through the years specifically to avoid this situation. So we wanted to pass these tips from our kitchen to yours. 

A cure for the crumbles

If you whipped up a batch of cookie dough but you can’t get it to form solid cookies, you’ve probably got a moisture problem. Overly crumbly dough usually means you don’t have enough liquid in there to bind it all together. 

To start, check your recipe. Make sure all the liquids made their way into your batch.

If you didn’t skip anything, add a little more of a liquid the recipe already calls for (e.g., oil, milk). Go slowly here, adding a little at a time. (You can always add more but you can’t take it out so really, really take it slow!)  Keep the mixer on stir to fully incorporate the liquid into your batter or dough.

To do a deeper dive into curing crumbles, check out our guide

A remedy for runniness 

If your dough feels runny and you’re having to slop it onto your baking sheet to even approach a cookie-shaped item, you’ve probably got the opposite problem. Runny dough means you have too much moisture. 

You can solve this problem by adding more dry ingredients. Flour’s a great place to start. Add a little at a time until your dough will hold its shape. Beware, add too much and your recipe will start to taste a bit floury. If you need just a little more hold, you can also pop it in the fridge for a bit to help things solidify. 

For more help if runny dough feels like it’s running away from you, read this guide

The fix to get extra fluffy

If you want cookies that feel like you’re eating a cloud, you can use an ultra-easy tip. It just requires a little planning.

About an hour before you start baking, get all of your refrigerated ingredients (like butter and eggs) out and put them on the counter. Your goal here is to bring them to room temperature. 

When they’re not cold, it’s easier to beat more air into your dough as you mix it. Whip the butter and sugar together before adding in the remaining ingredients. The extra air you’ll incorporate into the dough is a game-changer! And that’s the secret to extra-fluffy cookies. 

Mixing it up for mix-ins

We put a lot of love into crafting our Doughp flavors. But we know sometimes you just crave what you crave. So if we don’t have a Doughp that satisfies exactly what you want but you don’t want to bake a batch from scratch, grab some Blondie Doughp

Leave it on your counter until it comes to room temperature. Then, grab your mixer and give it a good whip. Now, you’ve got the perfect base to concoct whatever your heart desires. Try adding in sauces, chocolate chips, cookie pieces, candy bars… really anything! The sky's the limit here.

Try half-baked Doughp

Not a baker? Doughp will make life way easier for you. But if the thought of even getting out a baking sheet feels like too much, no sweat. Kelsey, our founder, has a pro tip. In fact, she says this is her favorite way to enjoy Doughp. 

Get out a microwave-safe bowl or mug. Scoop some Doughp in there and nuke it for about a minute in the microwave. Grab a spoon, plop down in your comfiest seat, and dig in. Bonus points if you add some ice cream on that bad boy!

If you’re baking from scratch, we hope those first few tips help you. But if you’re busy — and since it’s the holiday season, you probably are — we’ve got you covered with Doughp you can bake or eat raw. 

In fact, we’re running Black Friday sales here at Doughp now through the end of the weekend. Order today and use code "BF20" to get 20% off everything! 


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