How To Host a Cookie Exchange

How To Host a Cookie Exchange

It’s that classic conundrum. You want to enjoy all of the flavors of the season — sugar cookies, gingerbread, candy cane bark, that iconic family recipe — but you don’t necessarily want to spend a full week in the kitchen. Or do all of the associated dishes. So why not host a cookie exchange? 

What’s a cookie exchange, you ask? It’s a party that lets you stock your kitchen with tons of different holiday treats while only having to make one big batch yourself. 

To help you host a cookie swap to remember, we’ve laid out this step-by-step guide. 

#1: Set your guest list

We recommend a guest list of around 6-10 people. The goal’s to have everyone bring enough cookies to share with every attendee. And that means everyone needs to bake according to the party size. 

Say you want everyone to be able to take home six of each cookie. If you’ve got six people coming, that means you all need to make three dozen cookies (6 x 6). The more your guest list grows, the more intensive the baking process will be for everyone involved. 

#2: Set the rules

Tell everyone how much they need to bring. Usually, that just means telling them the number of items they need to be ready to share. 

We’d say to aim for somewhere around six cookies per attendee. That way, everyone can have a couple during the party and still have enough to bring home. 

Remind people to bring individually portioned desserts so it’s easy to swap what they have. Also, tell them to bring a big platter or tupperware so they can easily transport all their cookies home. 

#3: Set yourself up

Since you’re the host, you don’t want to be stressing right before your party. Consider choosing a baking option that’s easy and that you can make ahead. 

Psst! Our Doughp holiday three-pack can make it ultra-easy to get your cookie swap items baked. Just portion the dough onto baking sheets and pop them in the oven! Doesn’t get much easier than that, right?

#4: Set the vibe

Crank up those holiday tunes and set out a few savory snacks to balance out all the sweet treats. Have drinks on hand, too. If you make non-alcoholic versions of holiday favorites, you can make sure everyone feels included. 

#5: Settle in and enjoy

Hosting can be stressful. But with a cookie exchange, you get an activity (the actual swapping of cookies), a conversation topic (everyone’s beautiful baked goods), and food all rolled into one. So you should be able to kick back a little and enjoy this time with friends and/or family. 

And don’t forget, whenever you need an easy way to bring something delicious to the table, we’ve got you


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