How to Fix Runny Cookie Dough

How to Fix Runny Cookie Dough

As we mentioned, crumbly cookie dough is possible to fix. But what happens if you’re facing the complete opposite problem, runny cookie dough!  

Trust us, we’ve been there and it sucks. Lots of trial and error went into perfecting Doughp’s recipe? So, before you enter the madness of the holiday season, we’ve put together an article with all the deets you need to save that dough.

Why is My Dough Runny?

Kind of like how crumbly dough is usually because there’s too much of the dry ingredients, runny cookie dough comes from having too much of the liquid ingredients. Seems like a no-brainer, right? Whether you used a few more tablespoons of milk than you were supposed to, or over-added liquid in order to make up for crumbly dough, it happens.  

How to Fix Runny Dough: 

Trick #1

Luckily, there are a few methods to try when you notice the dough is runny. First of all: add more dry ingredients. Before you attempt this, make sure you know how much extra liquid you added. (For example, those three extra tablespoons of milk.)

Based on that percentage, add enough dry ingredients to balance it out. The goal here is to be proportional, which is why you need to know how much extra liquid you added. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting crumbly again, or, even worse—having dough that can’t be saved. 

Trick #2

Another method: add flour. You don’t want too much—start mixing with one tablespoon and slowly increase from there. This will help your ingredients adhere to one another. While it may not be as firm as you’d like, it’ll work well enough to bake. (Tip: add a tiny bit of sugar with each tablespoon of flour to keep the sweet taste.)

If you’re feeling extra hopeless, try adding the flour and then placing the dough in the fridge to harden up. This method works for dough that isn’t runny, so it can do wonders for dough that needs a little more help. 

Long Story Short 

Runny dough doesn’t have to be the end of a batch—just try the above methods! Worst case scenario, you live and you learn. And if that batch doesn’t turn out how you like, you can always order Doughp—our dough is perfect for baking and will never give you a hard time.


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