How is Doughp's Edible Cookie Dough Safe?

How is Doughp's Edible Cookie Dough Safe?

Gone are the days of crossing your fingers before downing a large portion of raw cookie dough. Sure, the baked cookies tasted delicious—but that cookie dough? Whole other world. However, with bacteria constantly lurking, it was a bit of a gamble.

That’s why Doughp has brought the guilty pleasure to healthy new heights with (legit) edible cookie dough! Wondering how we do it? Well, wonder no more.

First: What is Salmonella?

Ah, yes, salmonella. It’s the biggest warning for raw cookie dough—but that doesn’t stop people from eating it. But what exactly is salmonella?

Salmonella infection is a “bacterial disease that affects the intestinal tract.” This happens because the food contains feces. Gross, but true. Sometimes, there aren’t any side effects… but sometimes, you’ll end up with diarrhea, a fever, nausea, and cramps, among other symptoms. Occasionally, symptoms can lead to necessary medical care. Not fun. 

Flaxseed Vs. Egg

Here at Doughp, we use flaxseed rather than eggs so you can enjoy that edible cookie dough. Flaxseed is full of protein, fiber, and antioxidants, to name a few of its benefits. No baking is necessary to consume it—mix flaxseed with water, let it rest, and it’s good to go. How does that work? There is a gelatinous texture to the seed coating, and it comes out in the mixture—mimicking the same texture as eggs. This allows the raw cookie dough to keep the same feeling as classic, not-so-safe cookie dough.

Heat-Treated Flour 

While the salmonella warning is everywhere, less heard-of is the necessity of heat-treated flour. Did you know that flour can contain traces of E. coli? Luckily, there’s an easy way to treat it: heat away the bacteria. 

There are many different ways, temperatures, and times suggested. In general, flatten the flour you need on a sheet, bake it at a high temperature (350° and above) for 5-10 minutes, then remove. This won’t affect how the flour bakes (remember, you can bake Doughp too!), but it lets you eat the  raw. 

We’ve perfected the science well enough to make many different flavors (have you tried any of our seasonal flavors?). Buy some Doughp cookie dough today and relish in the fact that you won’t get sick—we won’t judge if you eat it all. #safetyfirst



Shirley Confer

Do you have baking instructions on your website? My middle aged eyes can’t read the tiny print on your container! I haven’t found a flavor that wasn’t delicious.

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