Our cookie dough can be enjoyed a lotttttta ways. So if you’re feeling fancier than eating it straight from the container—trust me, we’ve all been there when it comes to spoonfuls of Doughp right out of the fridge — try this recipe! 

CinnaMOOD Pancakes

Ready to kick your day off in the best possible way? Put CinnaMOOD in your pancakes to spice things up! Think: cinnamon roll meets pancake. This Doughp flavor is *chef’s kiss* inside of warm pancakes. 


  • 8 oz CinnaMOOD Doughp at room temperature
  • 1 cup of flour
  • 1 tbsp baking powder
  • 3 tbsp brown sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 egg
  • 1 1/4 cups milk
  • 3 tbsp melted butter


  1. Mix all ingredients (minus the Doughp) in a large bowl until smooth. Turn on your skillet to medium heat.
  2. Break up the room temperature Doughp into little bite-size nuggets
  3. Pour ¼ cup of pancake mix onto the pan and quickly add 3-5 pieces of cookie dough.
  4. Let the pancake sit until bubble start to form (~2 minutes), then flip. Let sit for another five minutes.
  5. Place the pancakes on a plate, and don’t be shy - serve with syrup and more cookie dough! Dig in!


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