Sin-a-Bun is Almost Here!

Sin-a-Bun is Almost Here!

If you tuned into our Spoonlicker Showdown challenge, we’d bet your mouth is probably watering just thinking about the flavors that were on the table. And now, we’ve got good news. You’re about to be able to satisfy that craving. Sign up for early access and you'll get first dibs when it drops!

We’ve been working behind the scenes with Jack Kellogg, our winning flavor-smith, to bring his Sin-a-Bun flavor to life. And now, it’s finally ready! 

We’re doing a limited run of this new flavor, and it’s going to come with a Blondie so you can DIY the top two runner-ups, too. Get ready for a whole lot of delicious. 

Sin-a-Bun 101

We picked Jack’s flavor from thousands of submissions because we know that feeling. You’re walking through the mall or the airport and then, suddenly, something amazing wafts your way. It’s that telltale aroma of a cinnamon roll.

Jack’s captured that in his flavor. It’s got cinnamon and cream cheese frosting blended into the dough and it’s speckled with chunks of cinnamon rolls and white chocolate chips. 

“I'm not sure there's a better smell to wake up to than cinnamon rolls in the morning, so why wouldn't you want to eat it by the spoonful? I had a blast testing out the new flavor and was NOT disappointed,” Jack said. “I hope you enjoy it, too!" 

Make Animal Crackalackin and Java Nut Brownie, too

While Sin-a-Bun came out on top during this challenge, there were so many other tasty flavors submitted that we had to give a shoutout to two more! In fact, we’re including Blondie with every Sin-a-Bun shipment so you can DIY and enjoy them for yourself at home.

Here’s how to make both so you can treat yourself.

  • To start, soften Blondie to room temp.
  • Fluff it up! Whip Blondie in your mixer or by hand to get it nice and fluffy.
  • Mix it up! Use these add-ins to create two more amazing flavors.

Animal Crackalackin

  • 5-6 animal cookies
  • 2 tablespoons of cream cheese frosting
  • ½ tablespoon of sprinkles

Java Nut Brownie

  • 1½  tablespoons of creamy peanut butter
  • ~2x2” brownie (store bought is fine!)
  • 1/2 teaspoon of espresso powder (or 1 teaspoon, if you’re up for the caffeine buzz!)

How to get this devilishly good Doughp

Soon, we’re going to be opening up Sin-a-Bun/Blondie two-pack orders to the public. But if you want to get in early, sign up for first dibs! We’ll be sending out the pre-order link to our Secret Cookie Dough Club members and our VIPs. If you’re not in either of those groups, you can still get the Sin-a-Bun/Blondie two-pack but be sure you sign up for Early Access today!


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