Mother's Day Baking with Doughp!

Mother's Day Baking with Doughp!

Cooking with parents is a tradition passed down through generations, giving the younger ones a chance to learn by “doing” with Mom or Dad. But baking with Mom is a whole new level of memorable for some, with cookbooks and recipes rife with some maternal-titled relative “famous” take on an item. In my family, the famous was redundant for what has been so affectionately called “Muzzie Dip.”

Muzzie was my maternal grandmother and with seven children by birth running aroun, efficient ingredient use was paramount. For Muzzie Dip, all it takes is below:


Servings: 25 Adults Eating Standard Amounts -or- 5 Adults After the First Bite

  1. A sprinkle of *****, a large helping of ******, five (5) dashes EACH of *********, ******, ********, *****, and a touch of *****.
  2. Mix well to combine in a large mixing bowl
  3. Refrigerate for *** hours, ****** minutes, ******** seconds, or “Until it's done”
  4. Serve with Fritos (scoops or standard, Original flavor required)

P.S. You really thought I’d give up the recipe that easily? “Famous” got removed from the title because it was so obvious. We don’t even use the possessive form “Muzzie’s”, we’re too busy already eating it to say the extra sound.

I recognize iconic family recipes are not unique to me…but that’s the best part! Think of how many moms there are out there…then how many moms of those moms…and so on and so forth. I could keep going but I’m on a word count limit. Now think of how many recipes they have stashed away behind the flour in the cupboard, or how many are only kept safe inside their heads. 

Innumerable doesn’t even begin to describe the number of recipe permutations, twists, and “famous” versions there are out there.

Luckily for you, we have some Mother-Verified, Offspring-Approved recipes for you and even provide the basis of ingredients, too.

I would say 99.99% percent of you reading this have, at one point or another, said some variation of the following: “I just don’t know what to get her!”

Alas, flowers die, jewelry fades, but Doughp? Doughp is forever. Our lawyers tell me I have to say Doughp lasts up to 1 year in the freezer, but it rarely sits around that long before it’s eaten. If you’re reading this, Hi Melissa, I told them, see?

When you make your purchase for any Mother out there, click the “Add a Note” option when you add 1 of every flavor to your cart (you might as well cover all your bases, right?) and write your note to mom. It will be printed on the packing slip inside of the box when it is delivered.

Our moms everywhere deserve the world, putting up with us throughout our lives, and the least we can do is make them smile this May 8 Mother’s Day. You know what moms won’t do when they eat Doughp? Frown. So make a mom smile today, with or without Doughp—they deserve it.


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