Get Your Drops Before They’re Gone!

Get Your Drops Before They’re Gone!

After an absolutely wild winter — from unprecedented snowfall to atmospheric rivers dropping tons of rain — we’re feeling pretty ready for the weather to warm up. And now that we’re about halfway through April, the signs of spring are, well, springing up. You can feel it: summer’s right around the corner.

That’s great news for your vacation plans and time outdoors. But it does have one drawback. Summer coming means Doughp Drops are about to head out. We stop shipping them at the end of April. And we’ve got a sale to hook you up! Now through April 26, you can get 30% off when you buy 3 or more Doughp Drops with our Drop It Like It’s Hot Sale. No code needed! 

Why Doughp Drops aren’t a shippable summer snack

If you’ve ordered Doughp, you know that we really take care of it en route to you. While Doughp is shelf-stable on your counter for two weeks, we’re not trying to chance it sitting in any hot weather between our warehouse and your door. 

Our Doughp cups are easier to keep cool, but the Drops are so small that they melt together pretty easily. And that means once the temperature starts to rise, their shippability plummets. 

So you don’t end up with a bagful of one melted glob, we don’t ship Drops during the summer months. It’s a quality control thing. We tried a lot of stuff, but ultimately decided it wasn’t worth you being disappointed with your shipment. 

Get ‘em before they’re hot

That means the clock is ticking to order your Doughp Drops. Stock up your cart now!

In case you haven’t checked your Drop-tions in a while, we’ve got:

So what are you waiting for? The countdown is on and you’ve only got a little over two weeks to get your Drops. Heck, with 30% off on 3+ Dough Drops now through April 26th, you can even stock your freezer so you can enjoy the Drop life all summer long. Imagine lying back in a lounge chair, soaking up the sun and popping some Drops. Now THAT’s the summer we’re hoping for. 

Getting hungry?