We Ranked #1! Thanks, PureWow!

We Ranked #1! Thanks, PureWow!

Earlier this year, we were ranked #1 Best Overall Edible Cookie Dough by PureWow! 

PureWow is a digital lifestyle brand that is committed to helping women create their best life. They post about everything from recipes, to fashion and beauty, to family life, and more! They really are the one-stop shop for the modern woman to get all the best lifestyle advice, so we feel especially honored that they chose us as #1! How Doughp is that?! 

PureWow ranked us #1 because of how bake-able and long-lasting our cookie dough is. They are particularly fond of our Cookie Monsta and Ride or Die flavors - makes sense to us! 

For our newer Spoonlickers who may not know, Cookie Monsta is our *iconic* blue cookies and cream flavor. It’s made of blonde cookie dough dyed blue with Oreos mixed in. Ride or Die is our traditional chocolate chip cookie dough, but still super good! 

Our #Doughp4Hope initiative is another reason PureWow gave us the #1 spot. They thought this was our “best of all” feature. If  you haven’t heard, Doughp partners with the SHE RECOVERS Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to helping women currently in or seeking recovery. We donate one percent of all company sales to the foundation, as well as finding other ways to donate and partner with them throughout the year. We’re all about ending that stigma

Also included in the rankings are Nestle Tollhouse, Pillsbury, and Ben & Jerry’s, which are very worthy competitors! We’re so glad PureWow likes our stuff! 

Want to see for yourself why PureWow ranks us #1? Get your own cookie dough from Doughp today and let us know how you’d rank us! Have a Doughp day!

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